Data monetization: Data as a raw material for data products

  • Ondřej Tomas

Payment data - from its cleaning to use

  • Ivan Dovica

Data Geoanalytics

  • Petr Paščenko

Optimization of warehouse processes based on data

  • Martin Kavřík

Data and business procrastination

  • Martin Hošek

Google Looker from the perspective of Tableau analyst

  • Michal Charvát

From cash register to Internet, or analysis of (not only) e-shop data

  • Kryštof Kadlec

Experience with searching for anomalies in the big data of an industrial enterprise

  • Jiří Gregor, 
  • Tomáš Fürst

IoT harvester from DEL – collection and processing of information in difficult terrain

  • Jan Haken

Data as a tool to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture

  • Vojtěch Malina