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Demonstration of Blue Events values and the success of specific events are in hands of the people standing behind these conferences.

Barbora Krásná
Founder [email protected]
Michaela Dvořáková
Managing Partner [email protected]
Jan Patera
Partner [email protected]
Tereza Ordóñez
Project Manager [email protected]
Kateřina Paterová
Project Manager - rodičovská dovolená [email protected]
Tamara Uldrichová
Event Manager [email protected]
Lubica Hrubá
Participants Care [email protected]
Veronika Matysová
Customer Experience - rodičovská dovolená [email protected]
Štěpánka Hrdá
Partnership care [email protected]
Kateřina Walterová
Office Manager [email protected]
Helena Kropáčková
Admin Manager [email protected]
Anna Krásná
New Media Specialist [email protected]
Pavla Vacíková
Customer Service Specialist [email protected]
Renata Risová
Customer Service Specialist [email protected]
Štěpánka Zvoníková
Customer Service Specialist [email protected]

Values, principles, and people behind Blue Events

We have organized hundreds of professional conferences, which were ranked among the most prominent in the Czech Republic. Behind their success there is great enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to the utmost professionalism. As well as the fact that we know what we want to achieve and why.

About us
Know why, or why conferences matter

We believe that even in our digital age, a personal encounter cannot be substituted for anything. Each of our conferences is conceived as an independent platform where people communicate as people, not as e-mail accounts or avatars on a social network. A place, where those who would not normally meet get together - manufacturers, traders, bankers, investors, experts, academics, students and media. We support dialogue between established companies and start-ups, between players of the traditional brick-and-mortar world and actors of the digital transition.

The combination of unconventional meetings, human energy, unique atmosphere and inspiration gives rise to the creative space for new ideas, projects and business opportunities.

Our conferences are of a kind of a medium that has an ability to accumulate large amounts of energy and reshape the market. It guides the market, cultivates the entire business ecosystem, pushes companies forward and contributes to the development of the whole society.

How we create our conferences or the 7 principles of Blue Events

As diverse as they may be, all our conferences pursue the same goal: to generate maximum value for all parties - the participants, partners, speakers, and others. That is what our principles of conference creation are based on.

  1. Independence

    We only organize our own events and we are responsible for their program. Our conferences represent a particular market or industry as a whole, not just some interest groups and companies. We always strive to ensure that our events are independent.

  2. Originality

    Our conferences are our “babies” – from the initial idea to the actual implementation. We come up with the idea and then prepare and organize the event. We are creators, not just a production agency.

  3. Relevance

    We always strive to make each conference a determining event for the entire field. It's not just about the scale, although most of our events in their own sectors are actually among the largest in the country. It is more about the importance of the conference for the specific market, which is reflected mainly in the participation of the most influential personalities of the industry, leaders and decision makers of the market. In this sense, we arrange truly important encounters in a wide range of industries, because their key players have a long-standing trust in us.

  4. Partnership

    We make every effort to make sure our conference delivers maximum value to everyone without distinction. We understand the business of our partners and help them make their point, be relevant and successful. We are an honest and fair partner, equal to everyone, regardless of size and position.

  5. Proficiency and clarity

    The program of our conferences retains its high proficiency without losing clarity.

  6. Networking

    We see that in the digital age, personal contact is increasingly scarce. Business people carefully consider where they should go in person and and invest their time in it. That is why it is necessary not only to maintain the high quality of our conferences, but also create ideal conditions for networking. There is a community being created around our events - a group of people who want to share their ideas for mutual enrichment. In short, a real network.

  7. Innovations

    We have both the experience and connections in many areas and we are always open to expanding them. We are not stuck on the topics that are currently in our portfolio - we are open to new ideas, formats and concepts. If someone comes up with a suggestion, we can recognize whether the idea has a potential to turn into a successful conference. And if it does, we are happy to make it happen.

About Blue Events

In Blue Events, we conceive, prepare and organize summits of managers from various industries. Our professional conferences, congresses and summits are among the most prominent in the Czech Republic. For more than 25 years, we have helped develop the local market and cultivate the business environment.

We are convinced that personal meetings help companies develop their business opportunities and achieve profitability. But not only that; meetings, experience sharing, mutual inspiration, the positive energy... all this develops the potential of people in companies, cultivates the business environment and supports individual parts of the entire ecosystem so it can thrive. That is beneficial not only to the business, but also to our entire society. Our work is our passion.

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