People in Companies26. 05. 2022

Transparent communication and involvement of people in the processes´ creation is crucial today

The Human Capital 2022 conference took place on May 24 in Prague. Those who directly cultivate people in companies met in person. The program was...

Efficient Company Management23. 05. 2022

Keep your minds opened, calls on CFOs Tomáš Kouřil from O2

Almost two hundred CFOs discussed how to deal with situations they had not faced before in finance management at the eleventh CFO Congress held on...

Retail06. 04. 2022

Retail Summit 2022 gave a new energy to retail business and encouraged meaningful changes

More than a thousand key players of the retail market met in person this week at Retail Summit 2022 in Prague Congress Centre. Over the course of...

Retail23. 11. 2021

The Slovak New Retail Summit 2022 will take place in April, offering advantageous admission for the "fastest"

This year, it was once again confirmed that the New Retail Summit became the largest meeting of retailers and their suppliers in Slovakia. At the...

Retail03. 11. 2021

Registration on Retail Summit 2022 has been opened, first one hundred gets „Super Fast“ price

After the success of this year, the organizers of Retail Summit plan next big encounter of retailers and their suppliers on April 4–6, 2022, in...

People in Companies19. 10. 2021

How to get the most from the covid experience for future will be discussed at Human Capital 2021

Representatives of top management and other experts who cultivate employee experience in companies will meet at annual expert conference Human...

Retail24. 09. 2021

Retail Summit 2021 encouraged retailers to cooperate in new reality

Almost a thousand of key retail players met this week in person at Retail Summit 2021 in Prague Congress Centre. It was one of larger events of...

Retail18. 09. 2021

Retail Summit is sold out! But the summit year 2022 is coming up.

During the last few days, the capacity of the premises in the Prague Congress Centre reserved for Retail Summit 2021 has been filled in a record...

Retail06. 09. 2021

Expert meeting Friends of Pets 2021 attracted 150 representatives of producers, retailers and suppliers of pet care

The program of the conference on September 2, 2021 stressed topics of customer behaviour, sustainability, rewarding or phenomenon of coronavirus...

Efficient Company Management24. 06. 2021

150 Chief financial officers spoke about the impact of the pandemic at CFO Congress 2021

One of the first conferences organized after a long pause with present audience was focused on agenda of financial officers. The participants of...

Marketing and Communication17. 06. 2021

The Brand Management 2021 conference will kickstart Czech marketing

On October 13, Blue Events will organize Brand Management 2021, the largest Czech conference on brands. The event will take place live at the Cubex...

People in Companies30. 11. 2020

Human Capital 2020: In the crisis, the importance of human resources departments has increased

Flexibility and resilience will determine the future of work. The current crisis requires companies to listen to the needs of employees and respond...

Efficient Company Management07. 09. 2020

CFO Congress 2020 was organized as a live event showing the effects of the new reality on companies

The new reality, to which companies had to adapt quickly during the coronavirus crisis, will be reflected in their functioning still long after the...

Efficient Company Management24. 08. 2020

Let´s squeze the data for insights

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor at the Oxford University and Keynote Speaker at the Primetime for Big Data conference in Prague, shares his...

Marketing and Communication11. 06. 2020

Marketing has another chance to become a superpower

For marketers, a large window for change has just opened—and the prize is big. Take a look at the new message from Thomas Barta, the keynote...

Marketing and Communication19. 05. 2020

The biggest conference on brands will be held at the end of September 2020 with the topic “marketing as a super leader“

On September 30, 2020, Blue Events is organising the annual Brand Management conference in the Cubex Centrum Prague with the leadership expert...

Blue Events09. 03. 2020

Sad news from Blue Events

We regret to announce that on March 5, Tomáš Krásný, a founder and a co-owner of Blue Events passed away unexpectedly.

Retail03. 03. 2020

Toby Pickard, IGD London, the key note of New Retail Summit 2020, in an interview for RETAIL

The winners are retailers who turn shopping into an „omnichannel“ experience

Retail04. 02. 2020

Retail Summit 2020: Record attendance and openness of a number of speeches

In 26-year history of this top meeting of retail market players, Retail Summit 2020 has stood up with the highest participation of over 1,100...

Retail27. 01. 2020

Detailed program of New Retail Summit 2020 just published!

Blue Events, supported by SAMO – Slovak Association of Modern Trade and other partners, are preparing new top–to-top meeting for the Slovak retail...

Retail27. 11. 2019

Retail Summit 2020 will advise how not to get lost in the jungle of the new retail ecosystem

Retail Summit 2020, to be held on February 3-5 2020, at Prague's Clarion Congress Hotel, will focus on how to succeed in the new retail ecosystem....

People in Companies25. 11. 2019

The Human Capital 2019: Seek for devoted employees who help you when crisis hits

Squeezing employees out in times of economic growth and dismissing them when recession starts is becoming increasingly short-sighted approach which...

Efficient Company Management04. 11. 2019

Big Data 2020 with many innovations: new location, international keynote speaker

The conference Primetime for… Big Data 2019 was received with great interest and was completely sold out. The organizers of Blue Events are...

Retail04. 11. 2019

Online ticket sales for Retail Summit 2020 launched. Benefit from discounted prices for the timely registered or go the unique CZ & SK Special offer!

Retail Summit 2020 taking place on February 3- 5, 2020 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague will explore how to take advantage of the opportunities...

Retail29. 10. 2019

The industry meeting of Friends of Pets will again be associated with competition PET SHOP of the Year 2020

Friends of Pets 2020 is a conference focused on the ever growing category of petfood and pet needs that generates very interesting financial...

Blue EventsRetailMarketing and CommunicationEfficient Company ManagementConstructionCitiesPeople in Companies08. 10. 2019

Blue Events 2020 Portfolio: New Projects and Annual Business Meetings

Conferences will cover diverse fields from Marketing, Sales, Finance, PR, HR, IT or Retail.

Retail23. 09. 2019

New Retail Summit 2020: Preparations of new top-to-top event just kicked-off

Slovak retail and consumer markets are undergoing dynamic changes. Definitively something deserving a relevant attention and professional...

Retail08. 09. 2019

The main topic of Retail Summit 2020 published!

Retail Summit 2020, the highly representative meeting of the most important players at the Czech and European Market will take place on February 3...

Retail12. 06. 2019

Dynamic pricing or electronic price tags won’t save us. The way from our dependence on the old model leads through a change of thinking!

After the last year’s burning discussion about price promotions this year's Retail in Detail series brought another hot topic: Strategic Pricing....

Marketing and Communication14. 05. 2019

Whom will you meet at the Communication Summit?

Over three hundred participants from top companies are registered for Communication Summit 2019 that is held in 2 weeks, on 29th May, in DOX +,...

Efficient Company Management23. 04. 2019

Technology, purchasing and communication. These are the biggest challenges for CFOs today, the attendants of CFO Congress 2019 agreed

More than 200 CFOs met for the eighth time last week at CFO Congress 2019, organized by Blue Events with the support of many partners and with...

Efficient Company Management12. 03. 2019

Well-mixed CFO Menu: To be Consumed on April 16, 2019

8th edition of the meeting of finance directors – CFO Congress, will be held on April 16 in the Czech National Bank in the centre of Prague. The...

Marketing and Communication05. 03. 2019

Communications Departments are in Anticipation of a Big Inventory

Participants of the Communication Summit 2019 (to be held on May 29 in a new space + DOX in Prague) will get a unique opportunity to verify the...

Retail11. 02. 2019

The digital transformation of retail has been evaluated as the best section of the 2nd program day

Every good CEO should be able to keep up with new technologies and use them as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, digital business...

Retail05. 02. 2019

Retail Summit 2019: Customer Experience can be created only by people - technologies are just a welcomed enabler

More than a thousand of retailers and their suppliers used Retail Summit 2019 as a platform to discuss how to win in the today´s highly competitive...

Retail29. 01. 2019

Number of participants almost reaches the thousand mark – last chance to register for the Summit!

Retail Summit 2019, to be held on Feb 4 to 6, 2019 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, has gained extraordinary attention from the retail industry....

Retail21. 01. 2019

Program of Retail Summit 2019 opens topics for the future

Retail Summit 2019, which will be held in Prague on February 4 -6, 2019, is dedicated both to "perpetual" issues of successful retailing, as well...

Retail10. 12. 2018

The program of the Jubilee 25th Retail Summit was published

Retail Summit 2019 that will take place on February 4 - 6, 2019, has published its detailed program. Its range and quality is a prove of a highly...

Retail01. 11. 2018

Retail Summit 2019 Reveals Its Program

Retail Summit 2019, the largest meeting of retailers and suppliers of consumer goods and services for the Czech and Slovak markets, will take place...

Retail03. 10. 2018

The Retail Summit 2019 preparations are running at full tilt

The Retail Summit, the largest meeting of retailers and suppliers of goods and services for the Czech and Slovak retail markets, is entering its...

Marketing and Communication21. 09. 2018

Brand Management 2018 about brands in a post-truth Era: Having no opinion is not a benefit

Can brands be nowadays neutral in their opinion? Just very hard. And such attitude will probably bring nothing good for them in the future....

Marketing and Communication13. 08. 2018

Brand Management 2018: What you can do right now to maintain your brand trustworthy

The Brand Management 2018, the bigest meeting of top managers and marketers in the Czech Republic, has just released the full program. The key note...

Marketing and Communication04. 06. 2018

Communication Summit 2018 presented brands with purpose and wiped a border between marketing and public relations

Can a triangle "brand – good – business" really work? Or is it just a pose? How to communicate successfully in order to generate profit in addition...

Efficient Company Management22. 05. 2018

CFO Congress 2018: Financial Directors Must Search for New People and Develop Talents

The participants of the conference CFO Congress 2018 tasted well-mixed menu consisting of discussion, sharing of practical experiences and...

Marketing and Communication03. 04. 2018

Communication Summit 2018 has published the program

Top industry meeting of senior communication managers in our market will take place on May 30, 2018 at Slovansky dům in the centre of Prague....

Efficient Company Management03. 04. 2018

A well tuned CFO Menu: Intended to be consumed on May 16, 2018

The seventh annual meeting of financial directors - CFO Congress will take place on 16th May in the Czech National Bank in Prague. The action,...

Efficient Company Management28. 02. 2018

Procurement managers as an endangered species?

The sixth Procurement Forum focused on current issues that procurement managers across a wide range of industry have to deal with. The most...

Retail12. 02. 2018

Retail Summit 2018: Conference presentations available for the participants

Registered participants of the Retail Summit 2018 can view or download all the presentations that have been released for publication, both from of...

Retail06. 02. 2018

Retail Summit 2018: Balance requires cooperation and respect to a human

More than a thousand dealers and their suppliers discussed at the Retail Summit 2018 on how to achieve a balance in the retail market. It is...

Efficient Company Management16. 01. 2018

How Will the Procurement Stand Within the Society 4.0?

Are you also disposed to those apocalyptic scenarios about losing your job due to robotics? The change in the job agenda will certainly come true...

Blue Events15. 12. 2017

Pour Féliciter 2018

We look forward to seeing you in 2018

Construction04. 12. 2017

Key Question of Czech Construction Forum 2018:


People in Companies23. 11. 2017

Human Capital 2017: We Are Social Architects Who Help People to Form Networks

How to develop people in companies and companies throughout the people, that was the main topic of the conference Human Capital 2017 which took...

Retail20. 11. 2017

FRIENDS OF PETS: The Conference about the Prospects of Pet food and Pet care Retail

The Dynamically growing retail sector specialised in pet assortment will be the topic of the next year's series of Retail in Detail conference,...

Blue Events03. 10. 2017

Blue Events 2018 Portfolio: New Projects and Annual Business Meetings

Conferences will cover diverse fields from Marketing and PR through Finance, HR or IT and industries from Retail up to Construction.

Marketing and Communication21. 09. 2017

Modern brand is clear, coherent and fair- fulfilling what has promised

The target of the third year of Brand Management was to uplift the importance of brands as an integral part of the company management and company...

Cities13. 09. 2017

Historic Centre of Prague – 25 years in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The capital city of Prague and the publishing house MCU in Český Krumlov invite you to the exhibition of the photographer LIBOR Sváček, which was...

Cities04. 09. 2017

Prague is celebrating the 25th anniversary of inscription of the Historic Centre of Prague in the UNESCO World Heritage List

This year the historic centre of Prague is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This significant...

Marketing and Communication01. 08. 2017

Brand Management 2017: Meeting of Those who Stand Firmly Behind their Brands

Brand Management 2017 conference will take place on September 20, at Slovanský dům in the centre of Prague. The complete program has been just...

Efficient Company Management24. 05. 2017

Procurement is internal customer of internal customer

The 5th edition of the conference Procurement Forum took place on May 24, 2017 in Prague. How to manage procurement effectively was discussed by...

Construction23. 05. 2017

Digital transformation of the building industry: the reality or still just sci-fi?

The Czech Construction Forum, held in March 2017 in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, focused on the external and internal factors affecting the...

Efficient Company Management19. 05. 2017

CFO Congress 2017: The key is to understand the needs of the company and to help to fulfill its vision

The sixth edition of the expert meeting CFO Congress was held on May 17 in Czech National Bank with historically biggest audience composed of more...

Retail15. 05. 2017

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Customer 2017+ (But Had no Time to Ask)

Customers and their purchase journey play a vital role within the process of overall retail business transformation. No wonder that the next Retail...

Marketing and Communication26. 04. 2017

Back to Brands!

Brand Management 2017 conference will focus on strengthening of brands

Retail06. 02. 2017

Retail Summit 2017 from Participant´s Point of View:

Pretty Good “Report Card"

Retail31. 01. 2017

Retail Summit 2017: New, Connected Customer in the Focus

More than one thousand of retailers and their suppliers were discussing at Retail Summit 2017 in Prague how to run the business in the times when...

Retail05. 12. 2016

Retail Summit 2017 program: Digital transformation drives the change of the retail market

Retail Summit 2017, taking place on 30. 1. - 1. 2. 2017 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, will focus on no-line retail.

Efficient Company Management04. 10. 2016

Digital transformation is a challenge which changes our prejudices and obliges us to think out of the box

After last year pilot edition, the conference CIO Agenda was held in Park Inn Hotel Prague on October 4. Almost one hundred participants among CIO,...

Marketing and Communication23. 09. 2016

To be simple is not simple, but allows to create an irresistible brand

Praha 23rd September 2016. Nearly 400 marketers, brand managers and experts in brand development have visited this year's Brand Management. The...

Retail12. 09. 2016

Retail Summit 2017 will focus on no-line retail

Prague, 12/9 2016 – Retail Summit 2017 will address the hot topic how to trade on the market, where new digital technologies and globalisation...

Marketing and Communication21. 07. 2016

The program of Brand Management 2016 published

Balanced representation of industries and companies in different stages of development promises a very interesting discussion about managing of...

Marketing and Communication20. 07. 2016

Think Simple! Bestseller by Ken Segall published in Czech

Prague 20. 7. 2016; A few weeks ago Ken Segall has published his new book "Think Simple – How smart leaders defeat complexity". By the end of...

Marketing and Communication30. 05. 2016

Brand Management 2016 conference helps with the development of irresistible brands

Brand Management 2016 plans to focus on creation and further development of truly irresistible brands. And the basic formula is announced in...

Efficient Company Management25. 05. 2016

Procurement at the time of boom: purchase as a driver of innovation

Already 4th edition of conference Procurement Forum with the main topic purchase at the time of boom was held on May 25, 2016 in Prague hotel...

Efficient Company Management20. 05. 2016

CFO Congress 2016: Financial Directors are preparing for the future

The 5th annual meeting of financial directors - CFO Congress 2016, held on May 18 in the premises of the Czech National Bank under the title (CFO)3...

Banking28. 04. 2016

Bankers are looking into the future: gradual digitalization and stability

Future of retail banking through the eyes of senior managers of UniCredit Bank, GE Money Bank, Air Bank, MasterCard and Czech banking association....

Retail06. 04. 2016

The way out of price promotion trap leads through small but systematic steps. And through digital transformation.

The specialized conference for series Retail in Detail focused on the most pressing topic of the Czech retail, how to reduce overflow and...

Retail07. 02. 2016

Retail Summit 2016 from the perspective of participants: the most balanced program of last years

Praha 7. 2. 2016: Retail Summit 2016 defended the reputation of the biggest meeting of retailers and their suppliers on the Central European...

Retail04. 02. 2016

Retail value can be uplifted only jointly with key partners

A thousand of retailers and their suppliers discussed options for market value increase at Retail Summit 2016. They agreed that neither retail, nor...

Retail01. 12. 2015

Program of Retail Summit 2016 reflects the desired power balance of individual market players

Praha, December 1, 2015 – Retail Summit 2016, planned for February 1st to 3rd in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, will bring very rich program...

Retail15. 10. 2015

Prof Murray: Retail is a tough business, so it is easy to make mistakes that destroy value

Professor Kyle B. Murray, key note speaker at Retail Summit 2016, will in his Prague presentation focus on the right retail value proposition. He...

Efficient Company Management09. 10. 2015

CIO Agenda through the eyes of participants

Pilot year of the special conference CIO Agenda, which was held on October 7th in Prague was successful. It has fit perfectly to the needs of CIO...

Efficient Company Management07. 10. 2015

A good CIO should connect business and IT

The Blue Events company has decided to enlarge its events portfolio and make the first special conference about the role of CIO and cooperation of...

Construction30. 09. 2015

FORUM announces the date of its 12th year, SMART brings new information!

In spring, authors of both projects, CZECH CONSTRUCTION FORUM and SMART magazine, have already informed about their close connection for the whole...

Marketing and Communication25. 09. 2015

Successful brand = ambitious goals + understanding of customers + being always at hand ... and with lots of energy!

Blue Events, the market leader in the field of marketing conferences, has decided to expand the portfolio with a new project: Brand Management.

Retail07. 08. 2015

Key topic of Retail Summit 2016 revealed: How to bring value back to retail business?

Retail Summit 2016, the largest event of its kind in CEE, will focus on hot topic of value uplift of retail business.

Efficient Company Management06. 08. 2015

CFO Congress opens the door for current topics that move the financial world

The fourth year of CFO Congress will take place on September 10, 2015 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.

Retail10. 06. 2015

Retail in Detail/FMCG online: A rightly-timed conference

Great things have started to happen in the area of online FMCG sales.

People in Companies03. 06. 2015

Leadership for Life: passion, fear and business performance

The successful tradition of the conference-concert mix continued with a fifth annual meeting of a hundred of inspired managers, directors and...

Marketing and Communication27. 05. 2015

A world-renown leader in brand management to appear at the Brand Management conference premiere

The first Brand Management conference that will take place on the 23rd of September 2015 at Slovanský dům in Prague is bringing Jim Stengel.

Retail20. 05. 2015

Retail in Detail/FMCG Online: Interest in the conference exceeded expectations.

Interest in the specialized conference Retail in Detail by Blue Events, focused this year on the highly topical subject of e-Commerce in FMCG,...

Efficient Company Management20. 05. 2015

What should not be missing in procurement? Curiosity, proactivity and strategic thinking

The third year of the Procurement Forum, themed Procurement in Times of Rapid Change, took place on the 20th of May 2015 in the National Technical...

Marketing and Communication16. 05. 2015

How to bring joy back to marketing? Think differently and don’t be afraid to involve others

The 16th year of the Marketing Management conference was dedicated to the question of how to bring joy back to marketing.

Marketing and Communication27. 04. 2015

What kinds of ads are bringing joy to consumers?

This year ´s Marketing Management conference that will take place on May 14, 2015 in ARCHA theatre, will bring an overview of the best campaigns...

Retail15. 04. 2015

Can we expect a massive growth in the market share of Internet retailers?

E-Commerce in the FMCG segment in the Czech republic does not amount to such market shares as in the UK or France so far.

Retail08. 04. 2015

Internet revolution has arrived to FMCG market

E-Commerce increasingly influences the FMCG market in Europe and recently also in our country.

Marketing and Communication18. 03. 2015

Program of the 16th year of Marketing Management asks a question: How to bring joy back to marketing?

The topic we have selected for the 16th year of the congress Marketing Management (May 14, 2015 in Archa Theatre, Prague) is difficult to grasp.

Construction24. 02. 2015

European expert Paul Koch will bring the European wind into the discussion on Prague city planning concepts

The 11th year of the Czech Construction Forum has become an interesting platform for the discussion about the territorial development and town...

Construction11. 02. 2015

How to prepare for better times? Maybe we should stop waiting for the enlightened help from above ...

11th year of the Czech Construction Forum will welcome representatives of major construction and development companies, investors and planners to...

Retail09. 02. 2015

Retail Summit 2015: The record number of participants is a commitment for the next year event preparation

Retail Summit 2015 defended the reputation of the largest gathering of retailers and their suppliers on the market and in the 21 year reached a...

Retail05. 02. 2015


Retail Summit 2015 (Praha, February 3 & 4, 2015) focused on the search of new paths for retail development.

Retail16. 01. 2015

Retail Summit 2015: Over 600 participants registered. The program will bring many revelations

21st year of Retail Summit reports at this moment over 600 participants.

Retail06. 01. 2015

Retail Summit 2015: Top Meeting of the Czech Food Industry

In the days of February 3 – 4, 2015 the 21st year of Retail Summit will take place at Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague.

Retail15. 12. 2014

Retail Summit 2015: Customer at a multilevel junction

A key topic of the Retail Summit 2015 (Prague, 3-4 Feb. 2.2015) will be searching for new paths.

Retail10. 11. 2014

Preparations of Retail Summit 2015 are finalized

The largest central European retail conference enters the final phase of preparations.

Marketing and Communication23. 10. 2014

PR Summit 2014: PR has never been stronger, future is in integration

The sixth year of the prestigious conference PR Summit entitled Borders have been destroyed, Public Relations at the threshold of a new era has...

Retail14. 10. 2014

Retail Summit 2015 will focus on searching for new paths

The largest retail conference in CEE - Retail Summit publishes the topic of the upcoming 21st year that will take place in Clarion Congress Hotel...

Retail25. 09. 2014

Loyalty Over Gold: Stop unthinking loyalty cards issuing!

5th year of the annual conference on attracting and retaining loyal customers was held on September 24, 2014 in Prague Impact HUB.

Retail14. 09. 2014

A good marketer is managing the future, not the past (exclusive interview for ČIA News)

Bram Alkema, the top speaker and specialist in management in the field of marketing, innovation and customer relationship development, will come to...

Retail03. 09. 2014

We asked the keynote speaker of Loyalty over Gold conference with what he comes to Prague..

In September, Bram Alkema visits the Czech Republic, to be part of Loyalty Over Gold conference, which will be held on September 24, 2014 in HUB...

Retail21. 08. 2014

Loyalty over Gold conference 2014 reveals the program

In September, Bram Alkema, a renowned expert from the Netherlands visits the Czech Republic to advise local marketers how to acquire and retain...

People in Companies05. 06. 2014

The coming generation needs a new type of leader

Male and female energy in leading people and companies, the potential for an active connection of the head and the heart and discussion over the...

Marketing and Communication14. 05. 2014

How to succeed in an over communicated world

…was the theme of the Jubilee 15th year of Marketing Management Conference, which took place on May 14, 2014 at the Prague Žofín and was for the...

People in Companies24. 04. 2014

Program for the 4th year of the Leadership for Life conference was finalized

Full conference program of Leadership for Life conference (4th June 2014, Břevnov monastery, Prague) and the subsequent CEO workshop (5th June...

People in Companies19. 03. 2014

The key issue for a company’s continued business success: How to develop the potential of future leaders?

The new connected economy demands new skills of managers and leaders.

Retail04. 02. 2014

Retail Summit 2014: One thousand participants found inspiration for uncertain times

Retail Summit took its 20th Anniversary year, held on 4 and 5 February 2014 , in a very pragmatic way – focusing on ways how to succeed in today's...

Retail14. 01. 2014

Retail Summit 2014 in the centre of retailers’ interest

The Jubilee 20th Year of the Retail Summit has already registered nearly 600 participants.