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Where to communicate with people

David Čermák, Aktivační agentury AKA
Robert Chmelař, Bohemia Energy

Prezentace - David ČermákPDF 497 KB

Why peole enjoy eSport more and more and how to take advantage of it

Ladislav Dyntar, Good Game

Prezentace - Ladislav DyntarPDF 19.8 MB

What kind of advertising do people really want to read

Kristýna Dlasková, Seznam Native

Prezentace - Kristýna DlaskováPDF 1.68 MB

AGENDA 2020+ What changes and what stays?

David Marek, Deloitte

Prezentace - David MarekPDF 1.67 MB

Crisis as a challenge

Petra Maričová, Grolsche Bierbrouwerij Nederland B.V.

Prezentace - Petra MaričováPDF 127 KB

Digital Agenda of Modern Finance: Redefining the Role of CFO

Martin Štefík, Microsoft PL/CZ/SK/HU

Prezentace - Martin ŠtefíkPDF 1.55 MB

Office or home office or the new IT normal in the post-covid era

Pavel Křižanovský, Cisco Systems

Prezentace - Pavel KřižanovskýPDF 2.96 MB

Digitalization of finance – myths vs. reality

Lenka Neuvirtová, Deloitte
Štěpán Vladyka, Deloitte

Prezentace - Lenka Neuvirtová, Štěpán VladykaPDF 1.21 MB

Key decisions for future technology costs. Where is it wise to save?

Stanislav Pavlín

Prezentace - Stanislav PavlínPDF 292 KB

IT and procurement – joint speech will bring success to the company

Tomáš Muller, Fortuna Entertainment Group
Štěpánka Hanáková, Fortuna Entertainment Group

Prezentace - Tomáš Muller, Štěpánka HanákováPDF 3.01 MB

Creating a Purchasing Strategy and Innovative Ways of Thinking in Procurement

Stanislav Pavlín

Prezentace - Stanislav Pavlín - Procurement ForumPDF 334 KB

The challenges of modern purchasing

Tomáš Veit, Asahi Breweries Europe

Prezentace - Tomáš VeitPDF 1.27 MB

How to purchase smart and not stupid

Marek Hlavica
Roman Trzaskalik, Plzeňský Prazdroj
Daniel Živica, VMLY&R

Prezentace - Marek HlavicaPDF 271 KB

Trends in cat and dog care in the USA and Europe

Wim Petermans, WellPet

Prezentace - Wim PetermansPDF 1.39 MB

A solution to boosting the immune system of dogs

Patricia Heydtmann, Partner in Pet Food

Prezentace - Patricia HeydtmannPDF 1.32 MB

Nutrition specifics of neutered cats

MVDr. Petra Miklišová, veterinární ordinace Brno

Prezentace - Petra MiklišováPDF 908 KB

An ecological customer, what to offer him

Lukáš Lengyel, Pet Farm Family

Prezentace - Lukáš LengyelPDF 7.83 MB

Quarantined cats would buy ... what?

Markéta Rybářová, Dataweps

Prezentace - Markéta RybářováPDF 2.24 MB

Interview: How the Gump phenomenon was created - a dog who taught people how to live and help others

Filip Rožek

Prezentace - Filip RožekPDF 2.21 MB

How to change the rules of the game… and successfully sell premium pet food products in hypermarkets (Finland case study)

Timo Pärssinen, Prima Pet Premium

Prezentace - Timo PärssinenPDF 1.19 MB

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