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Doctor on Every Desk

Vítězslav Havliš, Canadian Medical a EUC Plus

Prezentace - Vítězslav HavlišPDF 1.13 MB

Anticipation of Unobtrusive Process of Disconnecting at Distance Work

Radovan Jirka, BizzTreat

Prezentace - Radovan JirkaPDF 397 KB

Data about what affects sense of belonging to the company

Lukáš Tóth, BehavioLabs

Prezentace - Lukáš TóthPDF 2.84 MB

Data and conversational AI

Jan Šedivý, ČVUT CIIRT

Prezentace - Jan ŠedivýPDF 2.17 MB

Safe AI behaviour – or how artificial intelligence can get out of our way

Jan Romportl, O2

Prezentace - Jan RomportlPDF 343 KB

TV Nova: data-driven media house of new data times

Jakub Rajský, TV Nova
Radovan Jirka, BizzTreat

Prezentace - Jakub Rajský, Radovan JirkaPDF 910 KB

Medicaments price analysis from Canada to Emirates – automated

Michael Štencl, (, Cogvio

Prezentace - Michael ŠtenclPDF 5.58 MB

Data: Waiting for Governance

Petr Hájek, PROFINIT

Prezentace - Petr HájekPDF 1.76 MB

How to make an agile data transformation in the largest retail bank in the Czech Republic

Martin Gerneš, Česká spořitelna

Prezentace - Martin GernešPDF 1.4 MB

Big Data as an oil of sustainability

Cyril Klepek, Cyrkl

Prezentace - Cyril KlepekPDF 65.5 MB

Data Data is an asset. What is their value?

Adam Votava, DataDiligence

Prezentace - Adam VotavaPDF 4.28 MB

Why inspiring brands grow more quickly

Bronislav Kvasnička, Wunderman Thompson Praha

Prezentace - Bronislav KvasničkaPDF 3.12 MB

Why to swim against the tide

Martin Dulava, Lineart
David Vejtruba, Savencia ČR/SR

Prezentace - Martin Dulava, David VejtrubaPDF 2.51 MB

Marketers, Start Your Engines!


Prezentace - Dan WhitePDF 2.29 MB

Panel discussion: How to Kickstart Czech Marketing

Prezentace - Tereza ŠimečkováPDF 1.48 MB

How to build a brand that 9 out of 10 people in Slovakia is familiar with

Martin Mrva, Dedoles

Prezentace - Martin MrvaPDF 4.6 MB

Why it pays off to rejuvenate a traditional brand

Eva Kozarová, Rückl & Bomma

Prezentace - Eva KozarováPDF 4.52 MB

Humor helps to talk about taboo topics

Lenka Houšková, L'Oréal
Antonín Milata, Renegadz

Prezentace - Lenka Houšková, Antonín MilataPDF 11.9 MB

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