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Prezentace - F2PDF 5.7 MB


Prezentace - Matěj Kapošváry, ShopsysPDF 3.56 MB

Summary of threats or what has recently been investigated

Ondřej Kapr, Policejního prezidia ČR

Prezentace - Ondřej KaprPDF 2.54 MB

Professional "killer" standing against your company / the background of hacker groups

Daniel Hejda, Cyber Rangers
Jan Marek, Cyber Rangers

Prezentace - Daniel Hejda, Jan MarekPDF 1.32 MB

Anatomy of an attack – or what happens on the other side

Radek Šichtanc, O2

Prezentace - Radek ŠichtancPDF 5.33 MB

What you want to know and do not want to experience - examples of when it turns out badly

Radek Beneš

Prezentace - Radek BenešPDF 2.36 MB

A week under cyber attack in the role of CIO

Pavel Srnka, ANECT
Miloslav Lujka, Check Point

Prezentace - Pavel Srnka, Miloslav LujkaPDF 1.45 MB

Close encounter with hackers

Miroslav Holý, ELBA

Prezentace - Miroslav HolýPDF 1.17 MB

Security is (not) only an illusion

Lukáš Svozil, NTT Czech Republic

Prezentace - Lukáš SvozilPDF 669 KB

Not being a threat to yourself with XDR

Dalibor Kačmář, Microsoft Česká republika a Slovensko

Prezentace - Dalibor KačmářPDF 3 MB

Future Scenarios of Human Capital Development

Ondřej Přerovský, Deloitte
Marcela Provazníková, Deloitte

Prezentace - Ondřej Přerovský, Marcela ProvazníkováPDF 1.52 MB

Data about impact of the war on labour market

Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský, LMC

Prezentace - Tomáš Ervín DombrovskýPDF 2.08 MB

Flexibility as a key factor to make your company more attractive on labour market

Magdaléna Wavle, Vodafone

Prezentace - Magdaléna WavlePDF 1.7 MB

Why Should We Care About Mental Health of Employees

Aleš Kuda

Prezentace - Aleš KudaPDF 138 KB

The Crime of Education of Student on Concrete Labour Position

Radko Sáblík

Prezentace - Radko SáblíkPDF 948 KB

Three pillars of TON: people, product, region

Anna Polišenská, TON

Prezentace - Anna PolišenskáPDF 1.45 MB

Revolution in Temporary Job Management

Michal Harásek, Tymbe

Prezentace - Michal HarásekPDF 715 KB

How to Use Data in HR to Encourage Business

Pavel Vaněček, Česká spořitelna

Prezentace - Pavel VaněčekPDF 1.4 MB

Hybrid Training Introduced During Pandemic in Compass Group

Pavel Fáček, Skilldriver
Michal Debreceni, Compass Group Czech Republic

Prezentace - Pavel Fáček, Michal DebreceniPDF 1.67 MB

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