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A. Winners and losers of an unexpected revolution

Tomáš Prouza, Svaz obchodu a cestovního ruchu ČR

Prezentace - Tomáš ProuzaPDF 1.08 MB

A. Effects of the corona crisis on the economy and society

Helena Horská, Raiffeissenbank

Prezentace - Helena HorskáPDF 1.71 MB

A. BC & AC: Parallels from history as inspiration to kick-start changes

Martin Tesař, Deloitte

Prezentace - Martin TesařPDF 6.35 MB

A. Consumers: What changes in their behaviour and what remains

Karel Týra, Nielsen IQ

Prezentace - Karel TýraPDF 2.01 MB

A. What drives and motivate the czech shopper?

Nicole Hanisch, Rheingold Institute Köln
Sebastian Knap, TCC Global

Prezentace - Nicole Hanisch, Sebastian KnapPDF 4.58 MB

A. KEYNOTE SPEAKER: The future has already begun

Tomáš Čupr, Rohlik Group

Prezentace - Tomáš ČuprPDF 1.46 MB

B. Kaufland in new reality

Klára Beňačková, Kaufland Česká republika
Martin Piterák, Kaufland Česká republika

Prezentace - Klára Beňačková, Martin PiterákPDF 8.01 MB

B. How we started brewing a better future during the crisis

Pavlína Kalousová, Plzeňský Prazdroj

Prezentace - Pavlína KalousováPDF 5.95 MB

B. How to survive a crisis through values

Petr Hulec, Bushman

Prezentace - Petr HulecPDF 3.38 MB

B. Use of payment data in the marketing mix of retailers

Ondřej Knot, Dateio
Martin Kobza, Erste Group

Prezentace - Martin KobzaPDF 1.58 MB

Prezentace - Ondřej KnotPDF 1.03 MB

B. Mastercard Retailer of the Year 2020 competition in the category: „Innovation of the Year – new retail reality“

Prezentace 3 finalistů / Presentations of three finallists

Prezentace - Martin Piterák, Tomáš JeřábekPDF 4.62 MB

Prezentace - Lukáš NěmčíkPDF 5.89 MB

Prezentace - Olin NovákPDF 5.16 MB

C. Pandemic, Customers, Retailers – We need to move ahead in the changed world of retail

Katarína Navrátilová, Tesco Česká republika

Prezentace - Katarína NavrátilováPDF 4.92 MB

C. Predictive & Promotional retail pricing

Xavier Gardies, Metro Cash and Carry Slovakia
Milan Havlíček, Yieldigo

Prezentace - Xavier Gardies, Milan HavlíčekPDF 28.8 MB

C. How to succeed through innovation

Ondřej Sochor, Swiss Aqua Technologies (Siko)

Prezentace - Ondřej SochorPDF 1.74 MB

C. AI based people counting: solutions for the future, not just for the time of covid

Anne Wyder, Xovis
Michal Tomčík, Pygmalios

Prezentace - Anne WyderPDF 2.22 MB

Prezentace - Michal TomčíkPDF 2.06 MB

C. Leaders are born in difficult times

Prezentace - Milan Drozen, Jan CoufalPDF 3.08 MB

C. Sconto: How to make Phoenix from Dinosaur?

Petr Rohan, Sconto CR/SK
Václav Macíček, Shopsys

Prezentace - Petr Rohan, Václav MacíčekPDF 3.74 MB

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