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What can we trust in the current polarised and fragmented media ecosystem

Jakub Macek, Masarykova Univerzita

Prezentace - Jakub MacekPDF 3.38 MB

How to stand out within a great or bad content

Dušan Šimonovič,

Prezentace - Dušan ŠimonovičPDF 2.1 MB

Brand safety at the times of conspiracies and hate on the Internet

Šimon Pánek, Člověk v tísni

Prezentace - Šimon PánekPDF 1.29 MB

Chaos as an opportunity for the brand

Anežka Karásková,

Prezentace - Anežka KaráskováPDF 4.3 MB

Slight provocation: Will your brand survive 2030?

Jaroslav Malina, McCann Prague

Prezentace - Jaroslav MalinaPDF 35.5 MB

KEY NOTE: How to Rebuild Brand Authenticity in a Distrusting World

Sean Pillot de Chenecey

Prezentace - Sean Pillot de CheneceyPDF 2.35 MB

How to care for a brand with nearly two hundred years value

Monika Hovorková, Česká spořitelna

Prezentace - Monika HovorkováPDF 6.89 MB

The brand without trust is just a commodity

Petr Machoň, Lasselsberger

Prezentace - Petr MachoňPDF 2.62 MB

How to create a distinctive brand that does not restrain from its values

Lucia Tarbajovská, Kofola

Prezentace - Lucia TarbajovskáPDF 7.85 MB

Brand perception through the eyes of a future customer

Ondřej Žák, EY

Prezentace - Ondřej ŽákPDF 2.19 MB

What is the leitmotiv of your brand?

Milan Duda,
Martin Zdražil, Brain One

Prezentace - Milan Duda a Martin ZdražilPDF 2.2 MB

New York trends in local conditions

Božena Hrušková, L'Oréal Česká republika

Prezentace - Božena HruškováPDF 2.23 MB

Trusted price as the core strategy

Tomáš Formánek, Logio
Milan Havlíček, Yieldigo

Prezentace - Tomáš Formánek a Milan HavlíčekPDF 1.21 MB

Birth of the brand in a new social environment

Martin Hošek, Maappi

Prezentace - Martin HošekPDF 7.39 MB

Touchpoint / Influencers: How to use them credibly in communication

Hana Vávrová, The Hive
Lukáš Hejlík

Prezentace - Hana Vávrová a Lukáš HejlíkPDF 387 KB

Touchpoint / YouTube: How to use YouTube for building intimate relationship with existing and future moms

Lenka Vaněk, Hamé
Martin Peška, MarketUP

Prezentace - Lenka Vaněk a Martin PeškaPDF 2.44 MB

Touchpoint / Point of sale: Brand in close vicinity

Ivan Čopák, Retailtrek

Prezentace - Ivan ČopákPDF 1.23 MB

Touchpoint / Product: Build confidence with confidence

Martin Šámal, VAFO

Prezentace - Martin ŠámalPDF 3.77 MB

Touchpoint / Heart: Authenticity and CSR

Vladimír Mikel, Rossmann

Prezentace - Vladimír MikelPDF 1.77 MB

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