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Price policy in international comparison: are we the exception or do we align with the rule?

Jonathan Smith, Yieldigo

Prezentace - Jonathan SmithPDF 1.22 MB

What is the price architecture of our market and how to improve it?

Michal Čepek, Nielsen

Prezentace - Michal ČepekPDF 1020 KB

The landscape after the battle: the development of retail promotions in CR and SR?

Petr Miklík,

Prezentace - Petr MiklíkPDF 1.22 MB

How can the latest technology help?

Michal Horáček, Microsoft

Prezentace - Michal HoráčekPDF 2.79 MB

How to reach above-the-average category growth?

Tomáš Hejkal, STOCK Plzeň – Božkov

Prezentace - Tomáš HejkalPDF 3.95 MB

Pricing strategy: approaches of various trade companies

Marek Hallér,

Prezentace - Marek HallérPDF 2.79 MB

Artificial intelligence based price optimization: no sci-fi, it works!

Milan Havlíček, Yieldigo

Prezentace - Milan HavlíčekPDF 2.33 MB

Electronic price tags as the way towards dynamic pricing in brick and mortar stores

Martin Rösler, VKF Renzel ČR

Prezentace - Martin RöslerPDF 1.02 MB

Prices and promotions: How the self-regulation works and what can cause the governmental interference: the French lesson

Francoise Acca, ECR France

Prezentace - Francoise AccaPDF 3.85 MB

Risks & Trends: Chaotic Brexit, Rediscovery of an Automobile

David Marek, Deloitte

Prezentace - David MarekPDF 474 KB

The Finance Transparency of IT Infrastructure

Martin Diviš, Cisco
Lukáš Klášterský, Erste Group

Prezentace - Martin Diviš, Lukáš KlášterskýPDF 450 KB

What should CFO Demand from his/her Bank?

Michal Nebeský, Citibank

Prezentace - Michal NebeskýPDF 1.58 MB

Frauds in Organizations – an Unspoken Topic?

Alexander Nagy, Deloitte

Prezentace - Alexander NagyPDF 632 KB

ProKUMARment = Let´s Act as Owners

Subodh Kumar

Prezentace - A. Subodh KumarPDF 352 KB


Jan Bolek, DEK
Petr Červenka, Plastika Kroměříž
Romana Gondeková, ELTODO
Helena Hostková, Čepro
Jiří Kuchyňa, CreativeDock
Jiří Ponrt,

Prezentace - Průzkum názorů finančních ředitelů 2019PDF 339 KB

How and Why to Check the Business Partners in the Time of Economic Uncertainty and the Danger of the Crisis

Zdeněk Honek, Bisnode

Prezentace - Zdeněk HonekPDF 4.15 MB

What Does CFO Need to Settle a Good-Quality Strategies for the Collateral Arrangements?

Jan Kubík, Refinitiv ČR a SK
Vít Lauer, FRSA Advisory

Prezentace - Jan Kubík, Vít LauerPDF 1.56 MB

The Leadership Emerges in the Eyes of the People: Changing Role of the Leadership and Leadership Challenges for CFO

Katarina Emma Schapiro

Prezentace - Katarina Emma SchapiroPDF 2.49 MB

How to Predict the Employee Costs (Both the Current and Future Ones)

Milan Novák, GoodCall

Prezentace - Milan NovákPDF 3.44 MB

Trends in the Development and Training of Procurement Managers

Karel Otýs, Amplio

Prezentace - Karel OtýsPDF 785 KB

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