What kinds of ads are bringing joy to consumers?

This year ´s Marketing Management conference that will take place on May 14, 2015 in ARCHA theatre, will bring an overview of the best campaigns that have attracted marketing experts compared with those that were attractive for consumers.

The latter ones were gathered by GfK consumer research. Do you want to know who is the winner of each category and holder of the award Marketing Creation of the year 2014/15 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? Read further! Representatives of the winning communication campaigns will attend the Marketing Management Conference and will compete for an absolute winner for each of the two markets.

Where do consumers find positive emotions and joy?
The research of GfK in the Czech Republic and Slovakia gathered a spontaneous proposals of campaigns that consumers regard as easing or the funniest--in short, those that bring them joy. Communication campaigns mentioned most by Czech and Slovak consumers, have been grouped into three categories (services, products, and retail). The highest number of nominations in each of them determined the Marketing Achievements of the year in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The results for the Czech Republic are the following: In the category of services (for example, advertising communication of banks, telephone operators or suppliers of energy) the winner with a great predominance was Air Bank campaign, describing the need to change the Bank through the confrontation of an arrogant and understanding banker.

In the category of products (which includes the FMCG, consumer goods, but also cars) something quite unexpected has happened– all the ads from the last time were clearly beaten by 10 years old "Christmas with Kofola". And that in the two reference periods of research, not only in January, when the influence of Christmas is still strong.

In the category of Retail there was a tough duel between ads of retail chains. The winner is Kaufland and "From love for the Czech Republic“.

Consumer research, which in the same time was conducted in Slovakia, brought to the forefront these campaigns: In the category services the winner is Orange with a series of ads, sung by children and well-known Slovak musicians. Within the Products category the victory belongs to SKODA AUTO, while among retail chains the most scored was COOP Jednota Slovakia with series of stories about shepherd and his assistant.

Detailed results of the research will be presented by Tomáš Drtina - the new Managing Director of GfK Czech& Slovakia. He will reveal which products and services from the perspective of consumers were very close to the winners.

The three winning companies from each market are invited to the afternoon programme of Marketing Management Conference, to take part in the competition for the absolute holder of the award of Marketing Achievement of the year. Their presentation show will be hosted by the Czech singer Klara Vytisková and the absolute winners will be voted by the Conference participants.

What: Marketing Management 2015
When: 14th May 2015
Where: ARCHA Theatre in Prague

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