Brand Management conference is coming in a month, the last places are on sale

(Praha, 19 September) The best of Czech marketing will feature at the Brand Management conference by Blue Events. On October 19, 2022, the program at the Cubex Centre Prague will focus on what we are good at and how we can sell it. The organizers summarized it in the slogan "CZech In: First Class Marketing".

The largest Czech conference on brands, which is also nicknamed the "feast of marketing", offers the last few dozen places for sale. In addition to local stories and personalities, the program will also bring foreign inspiration and a look at Czechs from expats perspective. "Our goal is to celebrate the success of the Czech marketing. At the same time, however, we want to look at how it can improve, be more global and, above all, more effective," says Jan Patera from Blue Events.

How attention works today and why it's important for brands? That will be shown by the keynote speaker Orlando Wood of System1 in London. He is currently one of the most influential authorities in the field of effective marketing and is the author of the groundbreaking books Lemon and Look Out.

Effectiveness will come into play also in other presentations. How to get "a lot of brand for little money" will be the topic for Milan Drozen and Michal Novák of Czech Promotion. Don't you waste money on ads that people don't see? Eduard Krečmar and Lukáš Jakoubek from Publicis Groupe will answer this crucial question. How to manage a brand in today's fast-paced e-commerce era will be shared by Adriana Jurdová, CMO of Footshop. Jan Tušl, head of the Vekra brand, will explain how to make customers willing to pay extra for higher quality.

The program will also offer interesting views of the "Czech world" from a certain distance. Is the presentation of Czech companies and institutions changing in the right direction? The well-known graphic designer Aleš Najbrt offer his view. New research from Seznam, presented by Marek Řípa, will reveal how Internet users in the Czech Republic make decisions. Leonard Savage, Creative Director of McCann Prague, advises you on how not to be bound by the boundaries of our market. His counterpart Gregg Harper from the Prague branch of Wunderman Thompson will explain why a good and functional creative cannot do without new technologies and what role the Czech Republic plays in it. Zuzana Dudová from Plzeňský Prazdroj will then show how well the Czech beer brands are sold abroad.

Klára Poliakov from Lasvit will get a glimpse into what it is like to build the first Czech truly global brand in the premium segment. Alexandros Samaras from F.H. Prager chose the provocative title of his speech "How to unlearn Czechs to drink beer".  Who still cares about sustainable and transparent marketing these days? Thomas A. Bata, founder of the outdoor brand MGG, will answer this question. Marek Hrkal from the agency odprezentuj will finally summarize all the conference presentations into one and add a few tips for successful public performance.

Until Friday, September 23, those interested can register for the discounted "Early Birds" price.

The Brand Management, organized annually by Blue Events, has over 20 years of tradition that has endured even during the pandemic. The event is regularly attended by around 500 senior managers and company owners. The long-term goal is to help marketers better build brands and strengthen the role of marketing as a competency of the entire company. The conference is created with the support of a number of partners, such as McCann Prague, Czech Promotion, Seznam, Kofola, Plzeňský Prazdroj and others.

Contact: Štěpánka Hrdá, Blue Events, [email protected]

Atmosphere of the last year's Brand Management conference:

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