How Technologies Help Retailers Become More Efficient

The organizers of Retail Summit, the annual large meeting of the entire retail market, come with a smaller specialized event tailored to today's fast times. The conference from the cycle "Retail in Detail" to be held on October 4, 2022 is subtitled "Digitech" and deals with technologies for more efficient business.

How do current technological possibilities help businesses to function better in times of new challenges? This will be discussed by experts and representatives of detail companies. Is it possible to connect optimally a brick-and-mortar store with an e-shop? Are new self-service solutions or innovations in retail payments effective? How to integrate technology into everyday operations, e.g. planning of sales spaces or work shifts? And why not underestimate cybersecurity in retail? These are the topics addressed by the coming event at O2 universum.

Pavel Špryňar, Director of Deloitte Digital, with extensive experience from transformation projects, will introduce a comprehensive 360 degree view of the customer and the interconnection of the brick-and-mortar store and e-shop. Specific examples of linking these sales channels will be presented by Lukáš Havlásek, Web & Innovations Director from Notino. "Unlike the Internet, brick-and-mortar store is a long run. Notino connects both worlds to create the best experience for the customer. With the support of technology and data, Notino personalizes the offer, helps customers with the choice of assortment and simplifies the work of its employees," says Havlásek. A similar topic from the perspective of MAKRO Cash & Carry ČR will be presented by Jiří Nehasil, who has been working in the company for thirteen years, currently as Sales & Operations Director. As a wholesaler, Makro has a unique advantage in a very rich source of customer data for 25 years of its operation in the Czech Republic.

Simple online payments and cybersecurity

An important part of the rapprochement of online and classic retail, is the matter of payments, which still have certain reserves in the online environment. The rules of the game are changed by this year's innovation of internet payment Click to Pay, which is rapidly gaining ground among Czech cardholders. "It brings faster, more convenient and safer online card payments for both their holders and retailers," says Luděk Slouka from Mastercard.

Security in cyberspace is a prerequisite for such solutions, but increasingly also a topic in itself. The number of cyber attacks is growing significantly and retailers are targeted mainly due to the rich stock of customer data. Is it cheaper to prevent or to respond to a particular attack? "Each retailer will calculate exactly what loss for their business is an hourly outage of an e-shop or an unexpected closure of a store. However, few people can quantify the price of customer data and especially the price for their loss," says Radek Šichtanc, Director of the Security Department at O2. In his contribution, he will introduce participants to current issues of IT security. What you need to protect from hackers, but also what is the minimum investment in cybersecurity to make sense.

Advanced technologies in stores are no longer science fiction

"That wouldn't work for us, we have each store in a different shape. First, we need to unify the assortment and rebuild the stores. And only then can we start with planograms and space planning." Such sentences are heard quite often by Petr Kavánek from Quant. In his contribution, he will explain why it is exactly the opposite and why the introduction of "space planning" is the most effective way to unify the assortment and effectively plan reconstructions. The company 4MAX on the other hand often addressed with the argument that Self Check Out or Scan&Go are only for large food chains. However, smaller installations do work. Sometimes even longer and better than those you may recall from large stores.

Other speakers will focus on technologies for brick-and-mortar stores. How to efficiently plan shifts based on real operational needs, while complying with the Labor Code and still having satisfied employees? Representative of Albert Czech Republic, Petr Žídek and his colleague Karel Jelínek from AristoTelos Workforce Management will share their practical experience. They work with advanced methods of mathematical optimization, but at the same time provide a user-friendly environment.

There has been a lot of talk about digital price tags in recent years, but their implementation in practice has a number of pitfalls. Few people have more experience with commissioning these systems than Ján Herda from N O V, which has more than a million digital price tags installed. Participants will learn how electronic price tag technology can take their business to the next level, how simple it is to implement and manage them, or how long their batteries really last.

The program did not forget the view of the manufacturer and supplier of goods. Retail expert Pavel Císař from Plzeňský Prazdroj has experience in using metrics for secondary display of goods in stores, which helps Prazdroj to better meet the needs of end customers. "Someone who has been working in the FMCG industry for a long time can answer a lot of issues thanks to the know-how loaded with experience. But many times we can carry with us the distorted truth of the past that does not reflect today's rapidly changing times. Current technology offers the opportunity to obtain a wide range of relevant data," says Císař. He will advise how to combine technology and know-how to create a better shopping experience.

The final block is devoted to the discussion of technology experts, both from the ranks of retailers and specialized companies. Discussions will be held by Jiří Caudr responsible for the development of AlzaBoxes, František Gregor, Head of e-commerce and Managing Director of Sportisimo, Lukáš Němčík, Head of Marketing and Development of the COOP Group, Adam Pýcha, Director of E-Commerce and Marketing at Knihy Dobrovský, and finally two heads of Czech companies focused on innovation in retail, Miroslav Krupa (SLUNO) and Karel Jelínek (AristoTelos).

The Retail in Detail – Digitech 2022 conference is intended for all retail market participants who have the ambition to succeed, streamline their business and develop their business using digital technologies. It is attended mainly by retail managers in stores and in the operational background, in positions in sales, marketing, purchasing, or logistics.

More information is available at web.

Contact: Michaela Dvořáková, Blue Events, [email protected]

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