How to get the most from the covid experience for future will be discussed at Human Capital 2021

Representatives of top management and other experts who cultivate employee experience in companies will meet at annual expert conference Human Capital on December 1, 2021 at Spojka Events in Prague. The program content will focus on stories, how to use experience gained during the pandemic for future development of both companies and its employees.

The recent experience has brought new demands on both employers and employees. The company culture faced to lack of personal contact. The ability to make quick decisions and flexibility proved to be the key ones. In 2021 edition, the conference program will open key topics as technology, mental health and new standards the upcoming employee generation bring that have accelerated rapidly in the area of human capital.

Employee programs initiated during the pandemic that still score today will be presented by Magdaléna Wavle from Vodafone. Pavel Vaněček from Česká spořitelna will speak about savings that the efficient use of data in HR can bring. Jan Musil from LIKO-S will share his fresh experience from leading a family company and generation exchange. The view of international company which integrated one of its foreign branches during lockdown will be offered by Slávka Sedláčková from Skanska. Potential of connecting people and sustainability policy of companies will represent Ctirad Nedbálek from Albert Česká republika.

Moderator of the conference, Michael Rozsypal, will interview Rebecca Grattan from Avast about new opportunities for building work relationship. As a Chief People and Culture Officer, she is an expert on strategies which enhance the employee experience and develop a high performance and programs in which underrepresented groups can be supported to achieve their potential.

Human Capital conference evolved from HR Management, expert meeting of long tradition. With Human Capital brand, Blue Events (organizer) opened the program to topics that are tightly connected to top management agenda. Therefore, both HR experts and top management representatives meet there.

Conference is organized by Blue Events with cooperation of many partners, among them Deloitte company. More information on

Tereza Ordóñez, [email protected]

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