The Brand Management 2021 conference will kickstart Czech marketing

On October 13, Blue Events will organize Brand Management 2021, the largest Czech conference on brands. The event will take place live at the Cubex Center in Prague. The goal is to give courage to everyone who believes in the value of real marketing.

After a challenging year of budget cuts and uncertainty, companies need to breathe again. Smart and strategic marketing will play a key role, but we need to have the courage to promote it in the comapnies. The Brand Management conference will therefore bring a program full of inspiring stories and learning on how to "kickstart marketing" again.

"We all need new energy after months under lockdown,“ says Jan Patera from Blue Events on behalf of the organizers.

Already the 22nd year of the largest Czech conference on brands will show how crucial real marketing is for market success. Previous years proved, that marketing means much more than communication, in the broadest sense it is about how to succeed in the market. "We are trying to educate marketers for a long time to have a bigger say in companies. This year, it is necessary to talk about this topic again and see where we got to in a year, " said Patera.

The main content of the program will be successful and current stories of brands from the Czech and Slovak market. They will be complemented by celebrities from the UK such as Paul Feldwick, a legend in strategic planning and author of The Anatomy of Humbug and Why Does the Pedlar Sing? Another great speaker is Dan White, author of The Smart Marketing Book: The Definitive Guide to Effective Marketing Strategies and a brilliant narrator and illustrator. From Germany there is Kyra von Mutius, the rising star and head of strategy at the Heimat agency, known in the Czech Republic mainly for his long-term work for Hornbach. Among the speakers will also be Štefan Sarvaš, who works at Mars global headquarters and focuses on strategic changes in markets with growth potential. Martin Mrva, Cienf Marketing Officer of the significantly growing Dedoles brand, is coming from Slovakia.

Registration for the best prices is available on the conference website until the end of July.

Brand Management is the biggest conference on brands in the Czech Republic organised since 2000 by Blue Events. It‘s the perfect platform for exchanging ideas and sharing current trends among company owners, CEO´s, CMO´s and senior brand and marketing managers, who want to manage their brands better. We believe that strong brands are the key to successful business. Each year features a global marketing star as a Keynote Speaker, among them Dave Trott, Peter Field, Jenni Romaniuk, Ken Segall, Rita Clifton, Jim Stengel, Sean Pillot de Chenecey and Riki Drori. More information about the conference can be found here.

Take a look at the conclusions of last year's conference:

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