The biggest conference on brands will be held at the end of September 2020 with the topic “marketing as a super leader“

On September 30, 2020, Blue Events is organising the annual Brand Management conference in the Cubex Centrum Prague with the leadership expert Thomas Barta as the keynote speaker.

After the record attendance of 500 people last year, Blue Events has launched another promising event Brand Management 2020. The goal is to help marketing strengthen its position in the organisations. It’s a crucial topic especially it the times of budget cuts. Now it‘s the time for marketing to prove its value and help companies grow and serve their customers better, according to the organisers. Therefore the main topic for 2020 is “How to turn marketing into a super leader”.

“It’s been a rough year for marketers. Everyone knows marketing is the key for long-term success. But this year, many firms didn’t invest in marketing as much as they should have. Now’s your time. Rethink your marketing leader role in a totally new way,“ said Thomas Barta, one of the world‘s most recognized customer leadership experts and keynote speaker of the event. Thomas is an organizational psychologist and he conducted the largest global study, involving 68,000 assessments, on what makes an impactful customer leader. He wrote the #1 marketing leadership book “The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader“ (with Patrick Barwise). His presentations has been consistently rated the highest at recent events for firms like Adobe and Google - across the globe.

“We’re currently working on the program. It features mainly those, who have already managed to increase the role of marketing in their organisations and continue to grow in the long term,“ said Jan Patera, Partner at Blue Events. The Very Early Birds tickets are available till June 26, 2020.

Brand Management is the biggest conference on brands in the Czech Republic with 20 years of tradition. It‘s the perfect platform for exchanging ideas and sharing current trends among company owners, CEO´s, CMO´s and senior brand and marketing managers, who want to manage their brands better. Each year features a global marketing star as a Keynote Speaker, among them Jenni Romaniuk, Dave Trott, Peter Field, Ken Segall, Rita Clifton, Jim Stengel, Sean Pillot de Chenecey and Riki Drori.

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Enjoy the video from Brand Management 2019:

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