Big Data 2020 with many innovations: new location, international keynote speaker

The conference Primetime for… Big Data 2019 was received with great interest and was completely sold out. The organizers of Blue Events are therefore moving the 2020 edition to an even larger space. They also invited a renowned keynote speaker, professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, co-author of the only book on big data translated into Czech. The conference will take place on March 25, 2020 in Prague's Clarion Congress Hotel.

The conference builds on the successful tradition of the previous 5 years of this meeting, attended by over one thousand managers and experts from all sectors, ranging from retail to healthcare, representing various positions, from marketing management to finance and operations management. This year's conference welcomed over 250 guests and was completely sold out in advance. This can be seen as a clear demonstration of the growing interest in the big data issues that are already finding their place in the lives of companies and institutions thanks to the application of artificial intelligence.

Michaela Dvořáková, who is preparing this conference together with the Blue Events team, says: “When preparing the Primetime for… Big Data 2020 conference, we are counting on an even larger number of participants and have booked the newly refurbished conference space at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. We are also going to meet the current growth in demand for this topic, and we are moving the conference from autumn to spring, specifically to March 25, 2020.” The program will again focus on presenting very specific examples on “how to put the puzzle together to make it help us”. This is the main theme of the 2020 edition, which will introduce the current trends in the implementation of big data in the domestic conditions. Close attention will also be paid to tools for successful data integration and use.

The conference will continue to maintain its very practical character, but the organizers also aim to contribute to the development of theory and conceptual thinking in connection with big data. Therefore, they invited a renowned foreign speaker, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of Internet Control and Regulation at Oxford University. He has published a total of 11 books, including the international bestseller Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think. This book, co-authored by Kenneth Cukier, has also been translated into Czech. We asked professor Mayer-Schönberger to present in March his views on where the big data issue has moved since the publication of this important book and whether this forecasted change is already happening. In answering this question, he will undoubtedly rely on his latest book (Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data), which predicts how data will redefine the market economy. In his new book, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger also discusses what strategy to choose to secure a better future. It is certainly a topic worth investing your time in and attending the Big Data 2020 conference on March 25, 2020!

Early Bird online registration is now open on the conference website. There you will also have the opportunity to get updated on the progress of the preparation of the conference.

Contact for further information about the conference:
Michaela Dvořáková, Project Manager, Blue Events

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