The industry meeting of Friends of Pets will again be associated with competition PET SHOP of the Year 2020

Friends of Pets 2020 is a conference focused on the ever growing category of petfood and pet needs that generates very interesting financial results. This is particularly evident in recent years, when manufacturers and retailers react to the increasing purchasing power and customer demand, and focus on offering premium products and other value-added services (veterinary consultancy, animal cosmetics, or even animal psychology).

Attendees of the Friends of Pets meeting discuss trends in nutrition and lifestyle of pets, changes in the offer of various sales channels in our country and internationally, and share practical recommendations on how to organise the offer and appearance of their shops, how to communicate with customers or how to work properly with the price and improve overall sales results.

Last year, the organizers decided to support the role of small independent shops by the launch of the competition PET SHOP of the year that had a great response. Dozens of retail outlets from different regions of the Czech Republic participated in it, twelve of them obtained a certificate confirming the standard of high quality customer service.  Three best representatives earned the title PET SHOP of the year and enriched the program of the meeting with their enthusiasm and original ideas.

The organizers therefore decided to announce a new year of the PET SHOP competition, which is targeted on independent retail stores with pet assortment or pet shop chains up to 5 outlets in the Czech Republic. The participation applications can be sent between 1st November 2019 and 15th February 2020.

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