Blue Events 2020 Portfolio: New Projects and Annual Business Meetings

Conferences will cover diverse fields from Marketing, Sales, Finance, PR, HR, IT or Retail.

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The largest Central European meeting of traders and their key partners will traditionally launch season 2020. Retail Summit 2020 with the headline topic "New Retail Ecosystem" will be held in February 3 - 5. We look forward to welcoming more than a thousand participants at the Summit again. In addition, this year our activities expand to Slovakia and a month later we organize New Retail Summit 2020 in Bratislava (4 March).

On 25 March we continue with another hot topic. The conference Primetime for ... Big Data was sold out in 2019 and we believe also the 2020 season will attract the key players in this field.

Two specialized conferences from the Retail in Detail series will follow. The spring edition called Friends of Pets (1 April) focuses on an area dedicated to what the Czechs really love. The autumn edition will focus on Fresh Food (11 November), which is the key to success in today's retail.

The Czech CFOs will meet at the CFO Congress (22 April), while business directors and sales managers look forward to continuing the new Sales Management event (19 May). The CIO Agenda (14 October) gathers IT leaders across various industries again.

As in past years the area of marketing is strongly represented in the Blue Events calendar again. The Communication Summit (26 May) and Brand Management (30 September) are the events which attracted 900 participants in 2019 in total, and in both cases world-class speakers performed in front of a sold-out hall.

The busy 2020 season will be closed by the Human Capital (26 November) conference, which is focused not only on the HR Directors, but also on CEOs, Managing Directors and anyone who does not perceive colleagues as resources only, but as the highest value the companies have.

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