Program of Retail Summit 2016 reflects the desired power balance of individual market players

Praha, December 1, 2015 – Retail Summit 2016, planned for February 1st to 3rd in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, will bring very rich program offering the right balance between key market players. The line-up consists of retail stars, both Czech and international, representing various corporations and independent companies. The program also reserves special space for interaction between traditional brick and mortar retailers and E-Commerce, so much booming in the Czech market these days.

In spite of massive investments flowing in after 1989, our retail business does not deliver the desired value. None of the participants of the retail value chain – from manufacturers via retailers up to shoppers, employees or even shareholders – do not have real reason to celebrate as the retail value is not reaching the level it could or even should have. As a result of that, the profitability of retail, manufacturing, food processing and agriculture is low; so is the employee engagement or shopper loyalty and satisfaction. Not speaking about disposable purchasing power flowing out into other economy sectors or even abroad. Retail Summit 2016, planned for February 1st to 3rd in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, focuses therefore on hot topic how to return the value back to the retail business.

One of the preconditions of value uplift is a balanced role of all key market players. The program of Retail Summit 2016 reflects this in full and, compared to previous years, offers even better balanced representation of various types of companies. It introduces stars of the Czech and international retail scene, from both corporations and independent companies. Especially the latter are in the middle of 2016 Summit focus as they have to play crucial role in the future market cultivation and retail value creation. In that context, the organizers are happy to announce that their invitation has been accepted by key figure of European independent retail, namely by Anne Leppälä-Nilsson, Senior Executive of Scandinavian group KESKO, Board Member of EuroCommerce and Association IRE (Independent Retail Europe). There will be several famous Czech entrepreneurs presenting in the main program (e.g. Vlastislav Bříza of KOH-I-NOOR HOLDING or Karel Pilčík of MP Krásno). The topic of independent retail will be also covered within one of parallel discussion sessions where a number of leading Czech retailers plan to present and discuss their point of view.

Retail Summit has always been The platform for networking of Central European food manufacturers and distributors, its 2016 edition will nevertheless offer an extended space also to non-food categories. IKEA, the multiple winner of MasterCard Retailer of the Year, will get a slot right in the main program. Creation of non-food retail value is then subject of one specialized parallel session. Complete novelty is incorporation of farmers who play significant role in the retail value chain but are often forgotten and not invited to the table. To compensate that, organizers initiated a special discussion round and invited a farmer even into the main program (see the joint presentation of Globus Head Buyer with owner of North Bohemian agricultural enterprise Zahrada Svádov).

Last but not least, Retail Summit 2016 is designed to become the platform for interaction between traditional brick and mortar retailers and E-Commerce players, most aggressively growing part of the Czech scene. There is no doubt that one of the highlights of the event will be the presentation by O. Schmitz, European Business Development Director of AMAZON. Apart from global No 1 e-tailer, Czech internet celebrities confirmed their active participation at the Summit, too. First of all, it is the case of Jakub Havrlant, CEO of the fast developing group Rockaway. Another important E-Commerce companies like Alza, ZOOT, CZC or Kolonial will present and discuss within specialized parallel sessions.

Program of Retail Summit 2016 is just being finalized, please stay tuned to latest update as published at conference website

Retail Summit 2016 is held thanks to the support of dozens of partners, the most intensive support has been provided by MasterCard, Kofola and Plzeňský Prazdroj, and further on by Nielsen, Deloitte, BEL Sýry Česko, GS1, MP Krásno, Logio, O2 and TCC.

Key facts about Retail Summit 2016
When: 1. - 3. 2. 2016
Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Praha

More info: Barbora Krásná, Blue Events

Media contact: Aneta Zímová, Blue Events

Contact for commercial partners: Antonín Parma, Blue Events

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