The main topic of Retail Summit 2020 published!

Retail Summit 2020, the highly representative meeting of the most important players at the Czech and European Market will take place on February 3 – 5, 2020. The organizers have just published its main topic: "New Retail Ecosystem".

26th year of the biggest professional and social event of our retail market is devoted to the topic of "new retail" and the dynamically evolving ecosystem of relationships and touch points among its players. The Summit programme is being prepared to reflect the current fundamental changes of retail market. Significant drivers of these changes are new technologies, the emergence of new "non-brick &mortar" distribution and communication channels and digital transformation. Before our eyes the former relatively simple and transparent market is changing to a structure with many distribution channels, with unprecedented touchpoints between retailers, suppliers and consumers, and with new challenges, how all of that can be managed or at least steered.

The market is beginning to resemble a jungle, or rather a complex dynamically transforming ecosystem of consumers, companies, platforms and institutions. It brings the risks that some players unprepared for the change will cease to orient, but also offers a lot of chances for those who are not afraid to look for new opportunities and forms of cooperation, that are advantageous for all involved.

Retail Summit 2020 will address all types of players who share their interest in creating the future of the Czech and Central European market. That include not just the brick´n´mortar and Internet retailers, but also the different types of their suppliers of goods, services and technological solutions. Increased attention will be paid to consumers who play a significant role in the emergence of a new retail, because they are starting to require sustainable solutions, a better customer experience and recently also a consistent protection of their personal data.

The program concept is currently being born. If you are interested to present your experience or show the offer of goods, services and technological solutions at Retail Summit 2020, now it is the right time to contact the organizers.

Key facts about Retail Summit 2020
This important event is prepared by the Czech Confederation of Trade and Tourism, the University of Economics in Prague and the company Blue Events. The information from preparations is published on the Retail Summit website. Tickets for this top-up meeting will be available for purchase at a discount price for the timely registered. 

Online sales will start on September 10, 2019 at 7 a.m.

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