Whom will you meet at the Communication Summit?

Over three hundred participants from top companies are registered for Communication Summit 2019 that is held in 2 weeks, on 29th May, in DOX +, Prague.

This event, following the international festival PIAF was launched last year, establishing the tradition of meeting people across marketing and PR. This year participants welcomed the opportunity to make a great inventory of what does (not) work in communication nowadays. The very precious helping hand in it was offered by the world's greatest expert on the effective communication, Les Binet.

The Communication Summit has a great response especially among senior positions. "Each year, I take part in maximum one or two conferences on the subject of marketing, communications and PR. This year I have chosen Communication Summit. Our whole team is now working on how to change our company marketing from pure power profile to love brand, and how to change the brand to be preferred and searched by our customers," says Vladimir Finsterle, founder, Léká

Business owners, CEOs, marketing executives and their communication managers - they all meet at this conference. The program is made by representatives of brands with long history in marketing and PR (Pilsner Urquell, ČSOB,, Eko-Kom, Czech railways, Axa, McDonald's), together with a couple of experienced professionals from the top agencies (Kindred, adam & eveDDB, MarketUP, Heimat, Havas, Elite Solutions, Seznam, Native). Also the participation of the public sector is very strong, because the cultivation of its communication activities is a long-term intention of PIAF, and now of the Communication Summit.

Who will be the engines of the big inventory? "I am coming to the Summit with the whole team and we are very much looking forward to be inspired there. It is important to open the eyes and learn what's going on also outside the beer category, maybe even outside the Czech Republic. And to melt the learnings into something that will make sense for our brand and our consumers,” says Roman Trzaskalik, Marketing Director of Plzensky Prazdroj.

When Roman returned to the Czech Republic after 12 years of working abroad, he was shocked to see how most of brands had been using activation marketing based on short-term effects. Although activations have been used in the past, long-term brand marketing had prevailed. When creating communication concepts, Roman prefers those that have the ability to cut through the general information noise. According to him, the brands do not fight only for share of voice in general or in the category. They fight for the attention and emotions of the consumers.

At the Summit, Roman will talk mainly about the brand that is particularly close to him – Radegast – since he was born in North Moravia. The key to success of this brand is still the same spirit full of brand experience across multiple touchpoints such as PR, events, branded pubs, or consistent TV advertising. A few shots are not enough for a slogan or concept to get into people´s hearts. Life is bitter, thankfully.

A massive communication inventory took place also in ČSOB. Renata Nemcova Pixova, since 3 years working as the Group Communication Director, covers the entire ČSOB group agenda marketing together with the external and internal communications. In her contribution she will concentrate on the challenges that were faced in the internal inventory and integration of teams from the entire ČSOB group and will talk about the inventory taken in both brand and creative concept.

Michal Panocha, the newly appointed head of marketing in Orkla Foods CR/SR associating agenda of Hame and Vitana, will be another experienced speaker in the program. The need for marketing inventory after the merger of two large food companies is evident. In addition, this year Vitana celebrates 100 years in the market, and plans to launch about a hundred new products on this occasion. Michal Panocha plans to strengthen their presence in digital channels and will continue in special projects such as cooperation with the successful event of the Czech Television Herbarium.

Patricia Šedivá from is another example of a manager who in the past two years managed a total communication inventory of the largest e-commerce company in the Czech Republic. After 20 years spent at T-Mobile, she described her work for Alza as a huge punk. She was able to open the company more to public and to increase the number of outputs in media by several times.

"This is an event to stop for a moment and look around how the work in marketing and public relations has changed, and to find where the market is heading," as commented by another of the speakers, Michal Nýdrle, founder of Kindred Group and Digital & Technology Officer for Publicis Groupe in CR. You just need to be with it!

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