Retail Summit 2017 will focus on no-line retail

Prague, 12/9 2016 – Retail Summit 2017 will address the hot topic how to trade on the market, where new digital technologies and globalisation abolish old borders and create no-line retail. It will take place on Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2017 in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.It is expected that the Summit will once again attract attendance of more than a thousand retailers and their suppliers, and the capacity of Conference Centre will be completely full. So, please put the date ofRetail Summit 2017 into the calendar and take the opportunity to register on very favourable early terms.

The biggest meeting of retailers and their suppliers in CEE is starting its 23rd year. Retail Summit 2017 is building on previous successful years, which were always attended by more than a thousand retailers, suppliers, politicians, experts and journalists. The Summit will take place in a traditional location (Clarion Congress Hotel Prague) and at the usual time - the turn of January and February. The main plenary session in the large Congress Hall, and a gala evening with the MasterCard Retailer of the year awards ceremony will take place on 31st January 2017. Series of specialized conferences and panel discussions are prepared for 1st February 2017. The get-together party, CEO dinner and commercial workshops will be held on the eve of the Summit, on 30th January 2017.

The key topic of Retail Summit 2017: „ONE. One customer. One market. One commerce.“ will address the hot topic how to trade on the market, where new digital technologies and globalisation abolish old borders creating no-line retail with all its opportunities and threats.

The main attention will be paid to the fact that people are not divided on analogue and digital, there is only "one person -one customer“. (S)he wants to communicate and shop using all the options that are offered in today's digital time. In doing so, however, s(he) is not ready to throw away all the good traditional habits. The line between the brick and mortar and the online store is disappearing, customers do not want it, the future is "one commerce“ serving customers with knowledge of their needs in a given shopping situation, in all sales channels.

Other attention will be paid to the borders that must disappear, if we want to do successful business. Manufacturers and retailers make up "one market", serve one common customer, which requires their cooperation. We are a part of the EU single market, which brings a variety of opportunities. Building of EU single digital market opens up new possibilities for production, trade and most importantly, for serving the consumers. The Czech Republic is part of the "one world" – a common ecosystem. It is not only the threat about which we, in the Czech Republic, are sometimes concerned more than we should be. It is primarily a commitment and a huge opportunity for retail business development.

Detailed program of Retail Summit 2017 is just now in preparation, the organizers offer the chance to take part in it.

Main Facts on Retail Summit 2017

Retail Summit 2017
When: 30 Jan -1 Feb, 2017
Where: ClarionCongress Hotel Prague

More detailed info: Barbora Krásná, Blue Events

Media contact: Lukáš Koutník, Blue Events

Interest in partnership: Jiří Beneš, Blue Events

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