Communications Departments are in Anticipation of a Big Inventory

Participants of the Communication Summit 2019 (to be held on May 29 in a new space + DOX in Prague) will get a unique opportunity to verify the accuracy of their approaches to marketing and communication. Blue Events invited as the main speaker one of the world's greatest experts to demonstrate how communication works and how to improve its results.

According to preliminary estimates, companies in the Czech Republic invested over one hundred billion into marketing and PR communication just last year. Though, managers and business owners are not always sure of the effect of such investments, as they actually do not know how it can be properly measured. All too often, they rely on fashion trends or already obsolete ideas about how communication works. If they measure anything, they prefer the short-term criteria, such as return on investment (ROI), and they miss the long-term communication benefits for building the „mental availability“ of brands. It is the highest time for a proper inventory in the approaches and tools that are used.

A major trend in the present marketing world is evidence-based marketing. One of the key representatives of this approach is Les Binet, the keynote speaker of the Communication Summit 2019. He is a pioneer in marketing effectiveness and co-author of the book “The Long and the Short of it” - one of the most quoted studies in the field. In 2018, Les Binet has published a brand new book “How Not To Plan”, summarising his 30 years´ experience in designing strategies, planning and evaluation of campaigns.

In this talk, Les will reveal the commonest marketing mistakes, and what we can learn from them. While most books on marketing focus on the success stories, How Not to Plan is different - it exposes the myths, mistakes and misperceptions that all too often screw things up. And it inspired the concept of Communication Summit 2019. By highlighting the pitfalls that lurk at each stage of the planning process, it shows how to sharpen up your strategic thinking, produce better creative work, and get more bang for your marketing buck. „Thanks to the digital revolution, the potential impact of most of the marketing tools and techniques, including traditional media, has increased. However, we are often not able to take full advantage of this force, and the performance of the campaigns has in general fallen. The more data we have about the short-term results, the less we see the long-term impact of communication“, says Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness, adam&eveDDB.

Another viewpoint on large inventory in the communication discipline will be brought by Michal Nýdrle, Digital & Technology Officer in Publicis Groupe and founder of Kindred, who will talk about the digital transformation of companies. David Čermák from the Association of communications agencies will then present results of the new research on communication channels in the Czech Republic estimating this year's trends. The biggest star of the creative industry in the program will be Guido Heffels, founder of the Agency Heimat, and the author of the Hornbach campaigns, for which he has been working for 20 years.

The Conference is prepared in cooperation with the Prague International Advertising Festival (PIAF), which is celebrating ten years of existence. Therefore the program will demonstrate also the best ideas of the new campaigns from the past years of this international competition. The specialised afternoon program panels will focus on new trends in advertising and PR, and in communication of the State sector.

Communication Summit is the meeting of all those who want to achieve higher financial and social results via communication. This is a prestigious event that connects both clients - companies and institutions, and representative of communications suppliers, particularly advertising, media and PR agencies. The year 2018 was very positively evaluated by participants and brought dozens of media outputs. „Finally an event in Prague that is stuffed with personalities, communication skills and a great atmosphere“, commented the server The Conference offers opinions of the key figures of the communications industry, the speeches full of useful information, inspiration and energy, as well as the opportunity for an informal exchange of views during the day and at the afterparty.

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