Program of Retail Summit 2019 opens topics for the future

Retail Summit 2019, which will be held in Prague on February 4 -6, 2019, is dedicated both to "perpetual" issues of successful retailing, as well as to a number of new issues that are topical right now and will shape the future of our market. For example, it is the matter of the principles of sustainability, the development of a new mega category of smart home, the use of digital technologies, not only online, but also in brick & mortar stores or the shift of the e-Commerce from rather tactical approaches to a truly strategic control.

The Jubilee 25th Retail Summit, the largest professional and social event in our retail market, is dedicated to the topic of the customer experience. The debate over how to shift from a negative or neutral experience to a truly positive enjoyment will involve 130 top personalities.

Program of Retail Summit 2019 cannot avoid "perpetual" issues of successful retailing, which are, and forever will be most topical – especially relations with key partners of the retailers such as customers, suppliers, employees and the Government. The main program of the Summit as well as the program of 13 parallel sections brings also a record number of appearances devoted to new topics that acquire the importance right now.

One of the big questions to tackle is sustainability. At this point, it is already clear that it's not just a fashion fad, but an organic trend, which is necessary to be discussed in more detail and context. Benefits of this attitude will be introduced by representatives of the companies, a/o Ahold Delhaize, L ' Oréal, METRO Cash & Carry, IKEA, The Brambles Company or Tierra Verde.

The program of this year's Summit also opens a systematic discussion about the new mega-category, the smart home. Goods and services used to create and operate a new type of home, corresponding to the digital age, are among the most interesting items from the drawer of "development opportunities". How to grab this chance? Representatives of the major manufacturers, suppliers and services (specifically, E.on Energy, IKEA, Jablotron, Mall Group or Insight Home) will share their opinion.

In the whole its history, Retail Summit has intensively supported new technologies serving the higher efficiency of retail operations and the better customer service. This year's program is also very rich in this direction. In particular, it is the matter of program blocks, dedicated to the application of technologies for a qualitatively better customer experience and for an efficient logistics. The program also includes a detailed discussion on how to take full advantage of digital tools in brick & mortar stores and how to organize the total digital transformation of retail companies. A number of specific examples of a successful technology implementation will be presented by the companies Alza, COOP, Feedo, Footshop, Hervis, Lidl, Makro Cash & Carry ČR, Shell, Sportisimo or Teta Drogerie.

Last but not least, Retail Summit will address issues of the e-Commerce strategy. Unlike the series of other specialized conferences that are dedicated rather to the technical details, the program of Retail Summit emphasizes the crucial topics, such as the consistent communication with customers in omnichannel environment or the transition from a focus on the user experience ( UX) to a truly integrated customer experience (CX). Customer Experience is often created completely outside an own e-commerce, in particular in the delivery of goods and our after-sales service, which raises the need for the extension of key competences of Internet players. Leading representatives of e-Commerce (Alza, Amazon,,, Feedo, Seznam or, and renowned experts (for example Acomware, GfK or Shopsys) will share their experience.

Basic facts on Retail Summit 2019 

This important professional and social event is prepared by the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, University of Economics in Prague and the company Blue Events. It is supported by a number of partners, the largest being Kofola, Mastercard, Pilsner Urquell, SAP/Mibcon and TCC. For a complete list of partners see HERE

The detailed program and registration are available at Retail Summit website. Discounted prices are still available for group discounts and/or for members of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism. 

Contact: Barbora Krásná, Blue Events

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