Retail Summit 2019 Reveals Its Program

Retail Summit 2019, the largest meeting of retailers and suppliers of consumer goods and services for the Czech and Slovak markets, will take place from February 4 – 6, 2019 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. The organizers already start to publish information about the program of this top event, which should not be missing in your calendar.

The program of Retail Summit 2019 reflects the fact that it is the jubilee 25 years of this representative event. Since the beginning of the preparations for the first Summit, in summer 1994, our retail trade has experienced a change, whose depth and speed are truly impressive. These have few parallels even in our dynamically developing economy. The nature of these changes is also reflected in the core theme of 2019 edition: "Customer Experience - From Experience to Enjoyment". The retail network offered to the consumers a neutral and often also a negative experience 25 years ago. Now, successful market players are doing their best to deliver to the customers a positive experience based on a deep understanding of their needs and desires. Those who can succeed in it will be undoubtedly dominating our market in another 25 years. But how to manage this? How to learn a lesson from the best global and domestic retailers and manufacturers? How to innovate effectively and use the technological revolution to drive revenue and profits?

More than 120 important personalities - domestic and international retailers, suppliers, experts and politicians - will answer these questions. The full program will be published at the end of November. Nevertheless, we can already announce the participation of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Marta Nováková, and new president of Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, Tomáš Prouza, and a number of important businessmen and top managers, who took an active part in the creation of modern Czech and Slovak retail trade.

No matter how successful it was, Retail Summit 2019 will certainly not be looking into the past. Its main focus is on discussing how to deliver the best enjoyable experience for consumers of today and those of tomorrow. This topic will be covered by a keynote speaker, Belgian expert on the future customer behavior in the digital world, Steven Van Belleghem - the author of bestsellers, marketing professor and entrepreneur in one person. Steven´s area of expertise is consumer in the digital world and among his most successful publications is the recently released book "Customers The Day After Tomorrow", which deals with attracting customers in the world of artificial intelligence, robots and automation.

In addition to the main program, there will be 14 parallel sections in which you will have a chance to discuss intensively various aspects of creation of customer enjoyment. The overview of all program parts dedicated for example to

More information about the program highlights is now available on the Retail Summit website. The registration for this top meeting is already open and enables, for a few more days, to get the Early Bird registration under favorable conditions.

Contact: Barbora Krásná, Blue Events

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