Brand Management 2018: What you can do right now to maintain your brand trustworthy

The Brand Management 2018, the bigest meeting of top managers and marketers in the Czech Republic, has just released the full program. The key note speaker Sean Pillot de Chenecey, the biggest world brands consultant, and 25 Czech experts and the most important advertisers will speak in the brand new Cubex Centre Prague and they will present particular cases to maintain brands’ trustworthy and authenticity in the post-truth era.

How can brands deal with crisis of trust in today’s world of fake news? Social mood full of uncertainty and lies gives an opportunity for brands, whose marketing strategy is based on authenticity and transparency. On September 19, Brand Management 2018 will present many positive examples of running brands from various market fields. The key note speaker is Sean Pillot de Chenecey, the author of a new book The Post-Truth Business. This is the first study of today’s crisis of trust and its impact on brands. Beside him 25 great Czech marketers and experts will have a speech in four-section program.

The introduction of the day will be dedicated to causes and consequences of the post-truth era. Jakub Macek, the Head of Department of Media Studies and Journalism at Masaryk University, will present the media trust development and methods of trust level measuring. “Increasing fragmentation of the media space and polarization of society values clearly transform which media we trust and which media we choose to be influenced by,” Macek says. According to him, these factors have a key impact on marketing communication.

Quality content in safe context

Dušan Šimonovič, the Consultancy Department Manager in, will advise how to excel among bad and good content. “Commercial content is equal to articles or videos next to which it occurs,” Šimonovič warns. He will share fresh experience with native advertising. Other companies choose the path of controversy that tabloid media use, it helps avoid getting lost in endless ocean of content. “Courage to leave deeply rooted hypercorrect communications is one of the biggest marketing challenges,” Anežka Karásková, Art Director, adds.

Any content means “brand safety” risk for brands. When the Times pointed out the fact that brands as Mercedes or Land Rover had supported terrorists more than a year ago, the biggest advertisers in the Great Britain and USA stopped all their YouTube campaigns. Since then media contracts have been changed globally. It is stupid to invest in a brand reputation and yet become a public enemy. Šimon Pánek, the Director of the People in Need NGO, will introduce this subject at the event.

Traditional brands refresh

Three stories of more than a hundred years old brands will be presented in the next program section “Brand trust in the Czech market”. Česká spořitelna sought for its own identity in a past few years and now it comes back to its original mission. The Marketing Director of Česká spořitelna, Monika Hovorková will speak about care brands need to be given to maintain their value and trustworthy. Royal Crown Cola proves that even a foreign brand can revive in the Czech market and change positioning from low cost to premium segment. The story of renaissance of the brand which won’t betray its values will be presented by Lucia Tarbajovská, Senior Brand Manager in Kofola. A brand without trust is only a commodity, Petr Machoň, the CMO of Rako (Lasselsberger), one of the oldest ceramic siding brands in the world, knows. He will speak about the brand foreign markets strategy and explain how to present not only a product but a complex solution.

Many touch points, one strategy

Two parallel sections after lunch break will offer more detailed approaches. The first section will focus on successful examples of authenticity based strategy. Brands as L’Oréal or with their CMOs Božena Hrušková and Milan Duda will share their experience, Martin Hošek, the CMO of J&T Bank, will present his personal story with a new brand Maappi which has developed from his autistic son’s hobby. Ondřej Žák, the Associate Partner, EY and Martin Zdražil, the Co-founder and the strategist, Brain One, will advise with creating strategy. Tomáš Formánek, the Partner, Logio and Milan Havlíček, the Sales Director, Yieldigo will show methods of price optimisation.

The second section includes experts from various marketing fields as same as various brands segments representatives. How to keep their trustworthy in different touchpoints, that is what brands as Brit, Rossmann or Hamé deal with. Their representatives Martin šámal, Vladimír Mikel a Lenka Vaněk will focus on particular aspects of brand trust from product to work with on-line communities or social impact in CSR. Rostislav Starý (PR Konektor/Konektor Social) will host this section and he will introduce also Hana Vávrová (The Hive), an expert on co-operation with influencers, Ivan Čopák (RetailTrek), an expert on digital loyalty and in-store communication and a digital strategist Martin Peška (MarketUp).

The fourth edition of the Brand Management conference is organized by Blue Events, the largest organizer of B2B events in the Czech Republic with support of McCann Prague and many other important partners. Every year the event settles the most actual and hottest subjects of marketing for all companies which want to further develop their brands. A global marketing star is always one of the program peaks. In past years Jim Stengel, Ken Segall and Rita Clifton were on the stage and each of them spoke to almost 400 CMOs, brand managers and marketing experts from various business fields.

When: Sep 19, 2018
Where: Cubex Centre Prague, Na Strži, Pankrác, Prague 4 

Contact: Jan Patera, Consultant, Blue Events, +420 731 421 751,

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