How Will the Procurement Stand Within the Society 4.0?

Are you also disposed to those apocalyptic scenarios about losing your job due to robotics? The change in the job agenda will certainly come true for the purchasing managers too, and it comes fast. The central topic of the 6th Procurement Forum 2018 conference, held on 28th February 2018 at KC City, Pankrác, Prague, is the Role of Purchasing Managers in Society 4.0. However, the conference will open much more issues than technological ones.

Technology may serve to purchasing managers to achieve greater efficiency and create space to develop key competencies by building a relationship with both internal and external customers. How do the key players of our market face to this challenge? And how to guarantee a strong procurement position within the company in the future? Which skills are worth of deepening, and in which areas of the daily agenda is rather better to cool down?

These, and other topics, will be the subject of not only individual speaker contributions, but also discussion panel of purchasing managers who represent different market sectors. The discussion has traditionally been highly rated for its openness and the sharing of inspirational and often non-conforming topics related to purchase and relationship-building strategies towards suppliers.

We kindly invite you to join the discussion about hot purchase topics too!

Complete conference program is available here.

The event is organized with a support of SAP Ariba, Bisnode, and other companies.

Tereza Ordóñez
Blue Events

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