Human Capital 2017: We Are Social Architects Who Help People to Form Networks

How to develop people in companies and companies throughout the people, that was the main topic of the conference Human Capital 2017 which took place on November 22, 2018 at Slovanský dům in Prague. There were 170 people who take care of people in the companies at the level of HR teams and also from the higher levels of the management participating. The organizers were pleased to see among the participants also General Managers, CEOs, CFOs and Sales or Product Managers who represented 40 % of the audience. The goal of the conference was accomplished – the debate on human capital as a real strategic issue which is worth of interest of the top management. The speakers referred into the future, both from the perspectives of the recruitment and production processes, but mainly in terms of people´s needs. Throughout their own authentic claims we stress the main topics of the conference day.

Libor Mertl, Co-founder and Board Member, ComAp

The interconnection of business results with process of learning turned out to be crucial. People meet each other and help each other to find solutions on problems.

Daniela Pešková, Board Member, Česká spořitelna

Prioritize the key tasks and make the public commitment on changes you want to make.

Daniel Čapek, CEO, Sodexo

The motivation changes in connection to the time spend in the company. It is important to understand what career cycle we offer to be able to restart the interest of the employees.

Jakub Morávek, Lawyer, AK Felix

One used to be free at the end of the work day twenty years ago. Today, everyone is constantly connected and therefore present at work. In a long run, this will be a problem because the employees will get exhausted. In France, the obligation to disconnect from the work already exists.

Bill Parsons, Member of the Boards, Founder, Saarena Consulting

The corporate structure changes, the networks based on friendship and trust persist. Throughout these networks, the knowledge and learning flow. We need to be social architects helping people having opportunity to form the right networks.

Vítek Šubert, Co-founder and CEO, UP21

When we enter into the new project as an investor, we look at two things: 50 % forms the quality of the product and the gab on the market and 50 % forms the question if we trust that this particular team is capable to manage this great idea. The last criteria we check is the business plan and curriculum which is irrelevant compared to what I mentioned.

Hana Caltová, HR Director, Kofola

Sometimes we face to the question if the expertise of a new member should have more importance than the social adaptability and capacity be integrated into the company. The goal is not to exclude the people with this potential risk but rather to be able to cope with them well and work with them in a team.

Vít Vážan, CFO, České Radiokomunikace

Within our talent program we gather people in small teams and give them different task which are rather direction oriented. The teams themselves choose the concrete issue they want to change for the company or themselves within the company. I feel a great energy from these teams and moreover, they are able to pass it on others.

Ladislav Kučera, Managing Director, Hays

In case of 65 % of children who will start to work within 10 years we do not know how their position will be called and what their job will require. 35 % of people lack the capabilities we demand already today, and this number will still be increasing.

Michaela Lagerová, HR Director, Cemex

We had to incorporate the unions into all operations of the company. The union contract has to encompass not only workers who were establishing the unions at their time, but also IT team and all the people in shared services center and people of different nationalities.

Martin Hejl, CEO, Thimm Packaging 

A person evolves into the position of taking a responsibility for his own robotic machine. The interest of the machine operator is to maintain the robot working smoothly without any accident. Otherwise the product will not be delivered and the customer will not be satisfied. People understand that their salary is paid by the customer, not the company.

Jaroslav Jíra, Managing Partner, Kogi

If you are able to get over the fact that somebody despise you and you will try to get closer to the millenials, you find out that great ideas and performance is delivered by them.

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