Brand Management 2016 conference helps with the development of irresistible brands

Brand Management 2016 plans to focus on creation and further development of truly irresistible brands. And the basic formula is announced in advance: make it SIMPLE. Steve Jobs made it, why not brand managers and other marketing professionals engaged with the developments on the Czech and Slovak markets? After the last year´s success of Jim Stengel, the organizers from Blue Events have invited another star of global marketing, Ken Segall, the man closely involved with the phenomenal success of Apple and other big brands, and just now has published his new book “Think Simple". Apart from this key note, Brand Management will bring a line-up of other amazing speakers and panelists, creators of brands – company owners, marketing directors and of course, also brand managers.

Brand Management 2016 conference creates the opportunity to turn September 21 into the sort of a marketing feast and to spend the day at Slovanský dům in down-town Prague discussing creation and further development of truly irresistible brands. What to do and what not? How to balance long-term and short-term goals? And especially, how to achieve this in the easiest way in today's complicated world full of ad blocking, atomization of media and audiences, real time and content marketing, or big data that can help, but also hamper your head ... The conference is segmented into three parts with lots of opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking. And, of course, for signing the new book of Ken Segall, that will be brought directly from the printing house and baptized on the spot.

The first program block will show who the irresistible brands are. Petra Průšová will open the conference with the latest Top Global Brands analysis by Millward Brown and Rostislav Starý of Konektor Social will explain the typical features of the winners in digital times. Case studies of brands, enjoying local and international success, will be presented by two very different types of speakers – by a marketer from the large corporation (Tomáš Gregořica of ŠKODA AUTO) and by co-owners of family business (Jahoda sr. and jr. of EMCO). The first part of the conference will be then closed by Tomáš Mrkvička (Y&R Prague), pointing out the ways to understand the drivers of success of irresistible brands.

The focal point of the whole event will be the key note by Ken Segall, marketer, blogger and author of the – just published - book “Think Simple - How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity". In his role of creative director of the Apple´s agency, Ken cooperated closely with Steve Jobs and co-created several top campaigns, including the legendary Think Different. Ken is also in charge of the small „i“, now integral part of the most popular Apple products. The Czech translation of his new book will be available for conference participants just hot from the print. The book deals with companies, sharing the belief of Apple, that doing things in a simple way is the key business driver. Ken has spent two years, discussing this idea with the leaders of more than forty companies representing various industries and life stages – from start-ups to well established brands like Ben & Jerry's, Whole Foods and, of course, Apple. For the local audience, there is definitively one positive surprise. Within the global list of leaders they may find one very successful Czech entrepreneur. With the help of interviewed “heroes of simplicity", Ken managed to write the unique set of success stories. Nevertheless, he did more than that – he has created the universally applicable roadmap for doing business in a simpler way.

The grand finale of Brand Management 2016 conference will help to answer the hot question of how to create and cultivate irresistible brands. Final part of the program will thus consist of brand success stories and of panel discussion on brand management in the digital age, moderated by Jan Podzimek of PRIA agency.

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