Brand Management 2017: Meeting of Those who Stand Firmly Behind their Brands

Brand Management 2017 conference will take place on September 20, at Slovanský dům in the centre of Prague. The complete program has been just revealed bringing the keynote Rita Clifton, who was named brand guru by The Financial Times, and other leading marketing experts. New discussion model will be presented – Rita will be grilling three successful brands in different stages of evolution that are managing their global marketing from the Czech Republic (Baťa, Ugo, and Notino).

Recently we are facing a new situation, in which marketing and communication are confronted with several paradoxes. On one hand, we may use a wide range of new channels, devices or data about the customers. On the other one, the marketer´s work is more and more limited by budget restrictions, rules of personal data protection, and increasing pressure for quick results in general. The companies resort to digital vitamins – tactical arrangements with the goal to increase the sales in a short-term, preferably overnight. At the same time they underestimate the overall healthy lifestyle, which forms bases to create long-term relations with customers. The regular exercise in terms of professional brand management is an essential part of the companies´ healthy lifestyle.

This year´s Brand Management brings a number of inspiring best practices to demonstrate why it´s important to go "BACK TO BRANDS!" The keynote speaker of the conference, Rita Clifton, perceives brands as a central organizing principle of the company. Rita will explain this on examples of concrete global companies she has been working with to strengthen their brand strategy, and also in the discussion with three successful brands managing global marketing from the Czech Republic (Baťa, Ugo and Notino).

Other speakers will talk about market trends, and position of marketing and brand management within the whole company strategy. Katie Axam from IBM CEE will describe the era of cognitive marketing and Stefan Siedentopf from Ogilvy CEE will discuss the creative approaches which enable to address minds and hearts of consumers better and stimulate the long-term brand success.

Kooperativa is the example of a company that has managed to build consistent brand strategy and clear communication with customers since 25 years. Jindřich Skrip, Marketing and Product Development Director, will share with the audience his experience why it is worth to stand firmly behind the brand.

One of the most important motivations for company growth nowadays is employer branding - building a brand of the successful and desirable employer. Lidl has achieved a remarkable success in this direction, moreover, in retail industry, which, considering the employer´s image, does not belong to attractive fields. Its Chief Executive Officer, Pavel Stratil, will tell how Lidl has succeeded.

The afternoon panel discussion moderated by Jan Binar, President of the Czech Association of Communications Agencies, will be focused on the need for consistent communication in all touchpoints with the customer. The panel will bring together representatives of brands that have achieved a great job in concrete touchpoint (cover design, digital environment, in-store experience, event…), and made things differently and more successfully than their competitors.

About 300 – 400 marketing directors, brand managers and other experts on marketing from great variety of fields and sectors meet every year at Brand Management. The event is organized by Blue Events with the support of many important partners, the prime one being McCann.

Event: Brand Management 2017

Date: September 20, 2017

Venue: Slovanský dům, Prague

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