Procurement is internal customer of internal customer

The 5th edition of the conference Procurement Forum took place on May 24, 2017 in Prague. How to manage procurement effectively was discussed by 140 participants. The discussion panel gained the best score of the program thanks to the openness of its participants who represented different fields of business. The main topics were the change of the external environment (new technologies and integration of new members in the team) and also stereotypes related to the purchase.

Conference was launched by Tomáš Veit, Head of Procurement Western & Central Europe from Pilsner Urquell on global context changes. After the acquisition by Japanese Asahi, one of the greatest challenges for the group was to establish integrated processes both on global and local level. “We worked within a global structure. We do not have it any more so we had to substitute it by own global department. The process of the change was long, it lasted 600 days and it was hard to motivate our team during this era.”

After the global focus, Martin Růžička, Purchase Director of PRECIOSA LIGHTING, shared his view on the local level, particularly on the relationship of purchase and internal customer. He stressed the quality of the cooperation “Internal customer uses our outputs of our process as an input for his process, and at the end he shares his output with internal or external customer. Sometimes, we are internal customer of our internal customer.”

The morning session of the conference was closed by the topic of innovations in purchase, outsourcing and tail-end procurement by companies Vinekon and A.T. Kearney.

The discussion panel was key part of the program. The participants were very open in sharing their experience, in the discussion took part: Alex Bém, Head of Purchase an Logistics, T-Mobile Czech Republic a Slovak Telekom; David Březík, Procurement Director, Podravka; Lukáš Hrubý, Facility & Procurement Manager McDonald´s; Václav Novák Head of Purchase, ZAT, Subodh Kumar, Group Procurement Director, MÉDEA GROUP; Jan Priškin, Procurement Manager, CEMEX Czech Republic.

The role of Purchase within the company management and running of own team was discussed. Subodh Kumar defined the field change as a trigger for further personal development. He encouraged the audience with tone of sarcasm: “You rather leave before they fire you. The core is the quality of Procurement Director.” And who are the best candidates for the team? According to Jan Priškin, they come from different fields: “The best ones are previous headhunters or insurance advisors. They have strong vibe, because they change the field and have motivation to be integrated.”

The final part of the conference introduced concrete best practices. Effective advises about IT purchase were presented by Petr Zajíček, expert from Komerční banka. He pointed out, how important is to make a strategic plan with finance department. Cash flow serves as may be an instrument of negotiation for him. The technology issue was followed by David Lev, Printing Business Unit Manager from HP who spoke about the printing solutions that saved up to 40 % of expenses to Pilsner Urquell.

Procurement from the different perspectives was presented by Miroslav Chmelík, Manager & Site Sourcing Lead Global Commodity from Thermo Fisher Scientific which is one the greatest producer of heavy spectrometers and electronic microscopes. One instrument costs up to 5 million dollars. Should-costing they apply in the company is based on expected costs on purchased goods. “The partnership with the suppliers in based on their integration into the preparation phase of the product.”

The topic of procurement of marketing services was held by Magda Slámová, Senior Procurement Officer from Unilever. “Marketing Managers are our internal customers (Unilever has 75 of them), they are in charge of 30 brands. The cooperation with marketing is very specific. The key how to succeed is to create a simple brief. Marketing provides the creativity and then the purchase faces it with the reality of the market.”

The conference was organized by Blue Events at the cooperation with expert guarantor Marek Rokoský. The whole day was moderated by Patricia Jakešová from U & SLUNO. Forum was held with a support of companies Vinekon, A.T. Kearney ad HP.

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