Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Customer 2017+ (But Had no Time to Ask)

Customers and their purchase journey play a vital role within the process of overall retail business transformation. No wonder that the next Retail in Detail conference focuses namely on this topic. Please save the date of September 6, 2017 for Prague and Retail in Detail/New Customer Journey.

For many years, the slogan „Customer is the King" represented in Central and Eastern Europe just a nice fairy tale from good old days of iconic Czech shoemaker Mr. Bata. Reality was brutally different: customer and his/her demand were by far less important than the supply side of the market. Let´s recall a bit our recent past:

This all is long gone now, no easy guarantee for success anymore. Even worse, the technology boom and related digital transformation turned good old fairy tale into a realistic story (for some of us, a horror): the return of the king – the customer. Especially thanks to smartphones, people have all relevant product and store information at their fingertips, only few clicks away. It takes just a second to make key choices about what, where and at what price to buy. The King has been brought back to his throne also with the help of mega-competition. New EU countries are often disposing with more sq. meters of selling space per capita than Western Europe. On top of that, some countries (especially Czech Republic) belong to e-Commerce pioneers and lead the EU hit lists regarding the market share and number of e-shops in several categories. This market over-saturation obviously calls for new strategy of both producers and retailers, based on deep insight into customers´ brains and hearts. Part of that effort must be also understanding the new customer journey.

So, who is the Customer 2017? And what is his/her expected development in next years? The Americans would call it: „One-million-dollar-question". Blue Events say: „Question that is worth one day investment after the end of summer holiday season to gain information and ideas for the main retail season and for 2018 budgeting".

Join your colleagues, partners and competitors, representing manufacturers and retailers and take part in Retail in Detail/New Customer Journey conference on September 6, 2017. Discuss the new customer and demand trends in highly inspiring atmosphere in the conference area of the Delta Building within the Prague BB Center. Capitalize not just from the presentations and panel discussions but visit also the marketplace full of solutions supporting the understanding of new customer and enabling more efficient communication with him/her. Our hosts from Microsoft will demonstrate the new generation store linking a variety of sensors, cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, and thus being able to offer a highly personalized experience that we are accustomed to from e-Commerce.

About Retail in Detail/New Customer Journey
When: 6th September 2017
Where: BB Centrum - DELTA Building, Praha

More Information: Barbora Krásná, Blue Events
[email protected]

Media contact: Lukáš Koutník, Blue Events
[email protected]

Contact for commercial partners: Jiří Beneš, Blue Events
[email protected]

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