Back to Brands!

Brand Management 2017 conference will focus on strengthening of brands

In spite of the growth of the Czech (and EU) economy there is a general feeling that we lost our direction and sense of our business activities. Companies and their people often seem to be totally disoriented, trapped within unimportant details and internal corporate problems. Many people believe that the salvation is coming with digital tools – it is so easy to get enthusiastic about hunted likes and clicks. However, although these „digital vitamins" may generate some short term effects and speed-up the tempo, they can hardly show the right direction of our steps.

Team of Blue Events, organizing the Brand Management 2017 conference, presents the belief that is the right time to search for truly "healthy company life-style", based on the clear business philosophy, consumption of high quality "nourishment" (namely motivated employees and trusted suppliers) and regular "fitness training" – professional management a processes. The important part of such health exercise is called brand management.

As a manifestation of this belief, Brand Management 2017 is being prepared under the main motto "Back to Brands!" (which in Czech original has also the fitness training connotation). The organizers of this annual top meeting of marketers have invited very relevant key note speaker – Rita Clifton, labeled by Financial Times as the marketing guru. Rita is currently Chairman of BrandCap and sits as a non executive director on several boards including Nationwide & ASOS. During her career in branding she has worked with many leading companies helping to strengthen their brands including BBC, British Airways, Hilton, HSBC, IKEA, Jaguar, Nestlé, Novartis or Samsung. At Brand Management 2017, Rita will speak about the benefits of brand as a central organizing principle. The top Czech marketers will join Rita in the conference program.

Brand Management 2017 follows-up last year´s successful event attended by a record number of four hundred participants from all key industries – from Consumer & Retail via ICT and Finance up to public administration. The participants are coming from different management levels of companies with balanced representation of all corporate roles having their word in the process of brand development and coordination – namely the CEOs, CMOs, brand managers or marketing specialists. The organizers expect similar participation, by size and by structure, also in this coming year of the conference.

The conference registration has been opened and offers attractive Early Birds and Team discounts.

Key facts:

Date: September 20, 2017

Venue: Slovanský dům, Praha 1

Contact for speakers and participants: Tereza Ordóñez (

Contact for commercial partners: Jiří Beneš (


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