Retail Summit 2017 from Participant´s Point of View:

Pretty Good “Report Card"

The most important meeting of Czech and Slovak retailers was scheduledthis year in the end of the school semester. Grades were thus given not only by teachers, but also by the participants of Retail Summit and the organizers are more than happy about the "school report" they have received. By coincidence, the conference information system showed the final total number of the participants being lucky number 1 111!

That also means that Retail Summit 2017 experienced the highest participation in its 23 years history (not speaking about another 620 retailers and suppliers on top of it who attended the EET seminar, organized by Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic as anaccompanying program of Retail Summit).

The Top-to-Top Retailers Meeting

The structure of participants was interesting too – there were representatives of all Czech TOP 10 retailers. They either took part in the program as speakers or panelists or they came with strong representation of the entire management team. The overall number of retailers slightly increased compared to the past year, mainly because of thehigher attendance of e-Commerce representatives. However, the share of retailers in the total number of participants did not increase due to the strong growth of representation of suppliers of services and technologies. This reflects the realistic picture of the market shifttowards the services and technology. Provided we count the participants of EET seminar (small and medium-size retailers), the retailers would dominate absolutely. However, this was an exceptional event, which will not be repeated, so we do not reflect these participants in overallSummit statistics. The structure of participants in terms of the field of business is displayed on the Chart n˚ 1.

There were also shifts regarding the position in the company. The number of representatives of top managers responsible for specialized areas as sales, operation, finance or purchasing, increased. Especially with respect to the last mentioned group, Retail Summit 2017 experienced an exceptional increase and became a place where those who buy and those who sell meet. The structure reflecting the position within the company (again without EET seminar) is shown on the Chart n˚ 2.

Say "Cheese":Evaluation of the Best Speakers

Organizers received good evaluationnot only because of a high number of participants. Many excellent grades (and sometimes a valuable critics too, of course) were gathered in the regular feedback research among Summit participants. The overall evaluation of the main plenary program had the same result as the last year (medium school grade was 1.92 where 1 is the highest grade). Roberto Brazzale, the owner and founder of La Formaggeria Gran Moravia, dominated among the speakers taking "the full advantage of his limited knowledge of Czech". His speech mainly attracted by a very strong aspect of ONE philosophy – genius idea ofconnection of the Italian and Czech love for food and honest attitude towards the production and sale of a high qualityproducts.

The evaluation of other speakers was very balanced. Tomáš Drtina and Zdeněk Skála from GfK received the best grades. Quoting the participants – they presented the new future of our retail by "meaningful, and understandable description in a condensed form and short time." Miroslav Hošek from AFP – Advanced Food Products USA received a similar grade. This (by origin Czech) manager who heads successfully US food company trading all over the world, gained the attention of the audience by presenting his open and practical advices, some of them not always "flattering" towards Czechs. He demonstrated that we have a lot of work to do still.

The participants greatly appreciated this year's innovation--a summary of the hot news of the first program day in the afternoon edition of the newspaper form of Retail Summit News. Thanks to the lightning-fast cooperation with print partner of the Summit - HP company, the morning events were conveyed to those who came in late.

The Best Gradesfor the Discussion, Energy and Emotions

Really great amount of excellent grades was given to panel discussions and specialized conferences, organized in parallel sessions during the Tuesday evening and Wednesday. This interactive part of Retail Summit is traditionally perceived by the participants as the most beneficial. This year´s discussions were especially fruitful – they received the best grade in 5 year history (medium grade was 1.77, where 1 is the best). The absolute majority of the speakers of discussion sections had very positive feedback and the differences between them are in rates of error margin so it is impossible to point out one winner. Still, there is one exception – the panel discussion with the topic "One Company – One Culture" was perfectly prepared by its moderator, Matkéta Švedová (Recruit CZ) who attracted the audience by "great mix of knowledge, sense of humor and perspective". She demonstrated that "everything is about the people" and that the company culture really matters. Excellent (average!) grade 1.05 does not require any other comments and we hope that the great ideas from this discussion will be used in practice in many companies.

The last but not least "highlight" of the Retail Summit 2017 was the Gala Evening where the prizes Mastercard Retailer of the Year were awarded. There is no doubt that this will be written in the history by both potential and great sound of wind orchestra Czech Brass, the performance of extraordinarily tallented blind pianist and singer Ráchel Skleničková and mostly by absolutely unforgettable show of Tomáš Klus. He totally excited the audience and contributed to what Retail Summit 2017 revealed – that our business may be "full of energy, strength and inspiration."

Hopefully, we will keep on moving in this rhythm in the future!

The Basic Information about Retail Summit 2017

About Retail Summit 2017
When: January 30 – February 1, 2017
Where: Congress Hotel Clarion, Prague

More Information: Barbora Krásná, Blue Events
[email protected]

Media Contact: Lukáš Koutník, Blue Events
[email protected]

More about Partnership: Jiří Beneš, Blue Events
[email protected]

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