Bankers are looking into the future: gradual digitalization and stability

Future of retail banking through the eyes of senior managers of UniCredit Bank, GE Money Bank, Air Bank, MasterCard and Czech banking association. As heard on top-to-top discussion at Retail Banking Forum 2016 in Prague that was visited by more than 120 members of banking sector.

How will retail banking in Czech Republic change in five years?

Giovanni Guidi, Director of Retail Banking, UniCredit Bank

I don't expect any crucial changes or additional competitors, market is saturated. I see positive future for Czech banking thanks to growing economy and trustworthy and robust banking system. Digital agenda will be on the top for next year, but it depends on the clients and their needs not only on the bank.

Ronald Boddy, Chief Products & Marketing Officer, GE Money Bank

It will follow the economy. Czech customers tend to be very conservative compared to other developed economies in Europe. I am curious about mortgage market, because rates are at historical low, we will see what happens as rates come up over the next five years. There will be definitely shift in digital but it will go steadily.

Miroslav Lukeš, General Manager, MasterCard

Both banks and customers will search for ways of utilizing new digital technologies. Banks will find new investment opportunities, because current low rates will not go away soon. I have no doubts about Czech banking stability and trustworthiness. Recommendations for success? “Experiment: cheap, fast, in full. The quality will sort itself out. And do listen to your clients."

Pavel Štěpánek, Managing Director, Czech Banking Association

I have no doubts that banks stay the key players in five years. We may expect increase of innovations. I expect progress in managing customer relationship, in processing customer digital footprint. Shift from current “hypermarket" to personalized offer.

Roman Truhlář, Director of Retail Banking, Air Bank

We will go through the change of paradigm in five years. Bank will become integral part of our everyday lives, thanks to mobile and new technologies it will be at hand anytime, anywhere. We are enjoying unprecedented optimistic period in banking. Fintech is part of predictable competition, we can prepare for it. We have everything we need to do so – capital, know-how and determination!

About Retail Banking Forum:

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