The key issue for a company’s continued business success: How to develop the potential of future leaders?

The new connected economy demands new skills of managers and leaders.

This year´s Leadership for Life conference, to be held on June 4 in Brevnov Monastery in Prague, therefore brings a key topic: Developing Future Leaders.

The world of business is changing, together with the demands on management of companies and organizations. The key elements of our success and competitive advantage are our sense of work, autonomy, cooperation and creativity. More than ever before, the new connected economy demands the development of certain important skills in leaders.

The organizers of Leadership For Life therefore gave this year's conference the subtitle „Developing Future Leaders“. That means the conference is designed both for existing leaders, as well as for those who have the ambition to become a good leader, regardless of what position they have currently written on their business card.

The Program of the conference day of June 4th 2014 will bring to the Brevnov monastery in Prague, experienced entrepreneurs and managers from the Czech and international environment, to discuss what is needed for the development of potential leaders to ensure the continued success of their respective businesses.

The keynote speaker of the first opening part of the conference will be Liam Forde, successful entrepreneur, trainer and mentor from New Zealand, who has worked in 20 different countries teaching Executives how to combine the business perspective with the human perspective to create more successful and sustainable businesses. Liam comments the needs of current times in this way:

„Management styles that emerged from the military and the factory eras are fading as the new connected economy emerges, demanding new skills of managers and leaders. Both men and women leaders and managers need to complement the male head energies of analysis, direction and focus with the female heart energies of care, collectiveness, intuition and compassion. Only with these complementary energies at work will we be able to harness the collective intelligence of this new world.“

The need for a combination of masculine and feminine energy ("pragmatic & magic" attitudes) in the companies´ management is underlined by the balanced representation of women and men in the program of this year's Leadership for Life. Invitation to the conference was accepted e.g. by Jan Žižka, Managing Director Mondi Štětí, Renata Mrázová, CEO ING Insurance CR/SR, Martin Diviš, CEO Kooperativa, Jitka Schmiedová, HR Director at Česka spořitelna and by many other inspirational persons.

The conference program will be traditionally followed by a workshop for an exclusive group of 15 CEOs and company owners, at Chateau Mcely castle on June 5. The workshop will be presented and led by Liam & Dawn Forde and will be for English-speaking participants.

Leadership for Life
When: 4. 6. 2014
Where: Břevnovský klášter
When: 5. 6. 2014
Where: Chateau Mcely

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