Program for the 4th year of the Leadership for Life conference was finalized

Full conference program of Leadership for Life conference (4th June 2014, Břevnov monastery, Prague) and the subsequent CEO workshop (5th June 2014, Chateau Mcely) was finalized.

It brings a number of inspirational opportunities for reflection and an interesting discussion regarding: How to develop the potential of future leaders and how can the coexistence of female and male energies work optimally in the company management to maximize success.

Why and what is it about
The program for the 4th year of the Conference and the workshop, Leadership for Life, with the tagline "Developing Future Leaders“, was finalized. It responds to clear signals that the business world is changing, having new demands on abilities and skills necessary for management of companies and organizations. In order to succeed, it is necessary to learn new ways to work with the people around us, and ourselves. The key speaker accenting this topic will be Liam Ford, a successful entrepreneur, trainer and mentor, originally from New Zealand, who has operated in 20 different countries, teaching managers how to combine business and human perspectives in order to create a successful and sustainable business.

When, where, for whom
The program of the conference on June 4th, 2014 will bring experienced entrepreneurs and managers from the Czech and international environment, on stage and in the audience, to the Břevnov Monastery in Prague. This program will be followed by a workshop held on June 5th at Chateau Mcely for an exclusive group of 15 CEOs or company owners. The workshop to be conducted in English has a highly practical agenda; it reveals specific tools for each participant that can help fully exploit his or her potential, as well as the potential of company colleagues. Participation in the Conference is already confirmed by nearly five dozen leaders who took advantage of the Early Birds discount. Discounted registration for both events is valid only until the end of April 2014.

Life discussion, creative atmosphere, experiences
The popular experienced moderator Lucie Výborná will unfold a live discussion about what is possible to do for the development of people that would ensure the success of companies in the future. She will accent the combination approach of the "pragmatic & magic", i.e. the combination of the male head (ability to analyze, quick judgment and decision-making) and the female heart (empathy, care and a sense for team work). This time the organizers managed to ensure equivalent representation of men and women in the program, so you can expect a sparkling and creative atmosphere. The debate will be coloured by the magical music of the EpoqueQuartet.

Exceptional persons
Invitation from the organizers was accepted e.g. by Renata Mrázová, CEO ING Insurance. She perceives leadership in this way: "In my view, a Leader is the person who is not afraid to break down stereotypes and by the strength of own character and behaviour to move people forward, to set an example and at the same time be the support. Even the best individual can hardly manage alone. Therefore it is crucial to be able to inspire others and to show the sense of the common work. The actual leader reflects a sincere interest in people and things around, and that is for me the essence of success."

Five renowned leaders of the Czech business will take part in the final open discussion focused on characteristics necessary for the future leaders. One of them Philipp Malý, CEO JTI ČR within 2007 – 13 enters the discussion with this opinion: "Companies choose employees. Leaders choose companies."

Each of us can choose whether we want to work on ourselves or not. Leadership for Life can provide a useful inspiration for that journey.

Leadership for Life
When: 4. 6. 2014
Where: Břevnovský klášter
When: 5. 6. 2014 (Starts with dinner on 4. 6. 2014)
Where: Chateau Mcely

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