Program of the 16th year of Marketing Management asks a question: How to bring joy back to marketing?

The topic we have selected for the 16th year of the congress Marketing Management (May 14, 2015 in Archa Theatre, Prague) is difficult to grasp.

In spite of this we want to try it because in today's hectic and stressful era the JOY is more and more rare spice or a pick-up. If we are able to experience and spread joy we can easier get over obstacles and failures.

But where to take the source of joy? Some are seeking joy in giving and sharing love. Others in the moment here and now. Rest consider joy a perishable state of mind that is getting further the more we work and try in effort to experience it.

What will be our definition of joy from marketing then? None! We have no ambitions in this aspect, each has to find his own way. But Marketing Management 2015 will try to gather number of inspirations. First there will be theoretical view on joy and its resources in us presented by Loredana Popasav, Transformative Coach from the international company Making Change Work. Is it all truly just in our mind?

Next we will hear about analytical approach to advertising campaigns that have succeeded because they were spreading joy in the long term. This will be brought from London by Peter Field, marketing consultant and co-author of the research IPA Effectiveness Awards on short-term and long-term campaign impacts.

Great part of the program will be dedicated to sharing examples. We will hear about a shepherd who has become a star in his country thanks to social networks. Not just top representatives of popular culture but also politicians longing for publicity started to come to visit him. Is this a receipt for joy? Or you'd rather hear a black story of skeptical private detective? Live change of hair colour? We will hear a number of inspiring stories how to bring joy to brands and their owners, people who work on them or consume them.

All with one goal: To help participants on their journey to joy from marketing!

What: Marketing Management 2015
When: May 14, 2015
Where: Archa Theatre in Prague

Barbora Krásná, Partner, Blue Events
e-mail:, +420 222 749 841

Media contact:
Aneta Zímová, Project Executive, Blue Events
e-mail:, +420 730 184 505

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