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C1: Focused On Large-Format Retail (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Specialized Pet Shop Stores)

C2: Focused on Small Specialized PET Stores

Be no coward and find new market opportunities

Jan Al-Amel, Simply5

Prezentace - Jan Al-AmelPDF 652 KB

Kids Power: Children as family influencers

Kateřina Nevolová, g82
Anežka Příběnská, g82

Prezentace - Kateřina Nevolová a Anežka PříběnskáPDF 2.99 MB

How technologies can help to identify customers’ needs and desires

Patricie Jakešová, U&Sluno

Prezentace - Patricie JakešováPDF 3.09 MB

Czech customer on the way from crowd to individuality

Zdeněk Skála, GfK

Prezentace - Zdeněk SkálaPDF 1.91 MB

How to sell a story instead of goods

Jakub Veselský, Freshlabels

Prezentace - Jakub VeselskýPDF 3.65 MB

Do you worry? You should if you miss out the wealthiest and growing consumer group

Miloslav Knepr, Silver Pack
Petra Soukupová, Walmark

Prezentace - Miloslav KneprPDF 2.17 MB

Prezentace - Petra SoukupováPDF 1.73 MB

Doctor, or Google? Maternity in digital age and building a retail ecosystem

Antonín Štětina,

Prezentace - Antonín ŠtětinaPDF 1.63 MB

How to enjoy the time left before ecoarmageddon

Jana Lysáková, Tierra Verde

Prezentace - Jana LysákováPDF 5.34 MB

Handbook for young and successful singles

Lucie Biundo, VOGUE CS

Prezentace - Lucie BiundoPDF 8.7 MB

Marketers and Fairy Tales about TV

Jan Suda, McCann Prague

Prezentace - Jan SudaPDF 13.2 MB

Czech Television Market 2018: Results of a New Generation of Research

Tomáš Hanzák, Nielsen Admosphere

Prezentace - Tomáš HanzákPDF 3.14 MB

KEY NOTE: How Does the TV Viewer Evolve and How Does the TV Content Respond?

Nick North, BBC

Prezentace - Nick NorthPDF 4.4 MB

The Greatest Myths about the Watching of the Television

Tereza Šimečková, Nielsen Admosphere

Prezentace - Tereza ŠimečkováPDF 4.38 MB

The Future of TV – Public Service Media Point of View

Milan Fridrich, Česká televize

Prezentace - Milan FridrichPDF 1.66 MB

The Future of TV – Media Group Point of View

Vladimír Pořízek, FTV Prima

Prezentace - Vladimír PořízekPDF 3.46 MB

The Youngest Generation: A Threat or a Chance for Television?

Ľubica Hamarová, Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska
Eva Taráčová, EVATARA

Prezentace - Ľubica Hamarová, Eva TaráčováPDF 3.83 MB

The Pit and the Pendulum and the Television Rebirth

David Vejtruba, Solvent
Petr Miláček, PHD

Prezentace - David Vejtruba, Petr MiláčekPDF 2.06 MB

Risks in digital age and business continuity management


Prezentace - Jakub KejvalPDF 1.9 MB

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